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Not me. I'm not talking about his lawyer. I'm talking about the ''talking heads'' who went from one side then the other w/o even a ''If this is now true we need to be cautious'' statement. Lets not forget that couple who were kidnapped and nobody believed them and then it was found out to be true. I think that case is why the Chicago police are just commenting today about Jussie. Good for them. I think showing her happiness w/own room (and other things) and then at the end w/her pushing bunny down shows that she progressed into a person who changed into not a nice woman. Then the ''wish it was'' 30sec. ending, she was in the same place in life she was before she got to the palace. For sure. Like they did for animation. There were secret society people w/guns who didn't shoot david 'cause they know it was useless. Your bummerness makes me believe I'm on the right track. Your very open about it so is beyond trl ''grace''. Mark Kermode liked it but sounded like he was apologizing the whole time. Chris (I like him) Stuckman was all over the map. It made me think it was because Chris was bummed 'cause of the deaths. I agree. I only like movies that get me aroused. It wasn't suspenseful (fire scene) because it was the biggest scene in the preview. when she told her husband ''you'' have to throw book in fire it took 5 min. for them to do it. And then why didn't she catch on fire? J.P. 1 J.P. 3 close 2nd world-good J.P. 2-I can't get out of my mind how bad this movie was. J.P. 5- havent seen I got one. what 2 main characters played in godfather 2 and the freshman? View all replies >