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Dang, thank you for the link man! I actually subscribed to them. They are some pretty funny dudes. Haha Ah, I see. Then that is a little different from the film. I wonder where they will go with this one. Now, I'm not ENTIRELY familiar with the original story, but didn't the Infinity Gauntlet in the movie break when Thanos snapped his fingers? I'm not quiet sure how that will come into play. But if you are right, I believe it's Adam Warlock that defeats him. Not entirely sure though, so don't quote me on that one. You all have some great movies on your lists! However, I stick with my favorite film of all time being Moonrise Kingdom. It's amazing. Oh gosh, idk if I could pick one... I watch so many movies that it's really hard to choose... I'd need a long time to think about it, haha View all replies >