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I thought he would be Saul in season 2 after the season 1 finale all but said so. But nope. They erased that and we got three meandering aimless seasons instead. The show keeps getting better? That's a laugh. It peaked at season 1 episode 9. The finale is great. Only simpletons dislike it, and usually for arbitrary reasons. It was the perfect outcome for the characters. David got it right. That's what upsets people. He was being honest about the characters and it shattered the simplistic view certain people have of the show and in turn their own self images. It was the real life version of what the fictionalized Larry David does on every episode of Curb. Which just makes it even more perfect. You like this song? I feel like partying right now! "My bad" That awful Edie Brickell What I Am song. Insufferable song and video. You can tell she is a vapid human being. No but I do find Friends to be offensive and assaulting to the senses for a variety of other reasons. 28 years later: good There's a question I'd like to ask Marcia... Finally an answer to Obi Wan's famous question. The fool who follows the fool is definitely more foolish. The wheels were in motion View all replies >