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Bronson looked rough in this This movie is brilliant muh plotholes Apt tagline Why couldn't this movie have been made when... Thank god I'm a EBT Ho. Ho ho ho. Ho! Myra (Michelle Thomas) View all posts >


I'm sure your parents have pictures of you naked as a baby. Maybe you should call the cops on them, unless you're a defund-amentalist anyway. You are 100% incorrect. Judaism is an ethnoreligion. The entire basis of it is that their race, the semitic race, is the chosen race of god. It is true that people who are nonethnic Jews can observe the religion but the vast majority are ethnic Jews and have certain genetic phenotypes that are very obvious as all races do. Please do the most basic research before spouting nonsense online. You think you're being righteous and signalling your virtue and tolerance but you actually just sound like a dunce. How about no ya crazy dutch bastard. Reddit post. Yeah but mostly because they were actually pretty small and didn't look very good. Should have found an actress with at least a DD. Or stuffed Terri's bro. Damn. My all time favorite as well. For the same reason, it's one of the few Kramer/Newman stories that really worked. OP is a crackhead. Are you implying Leo is really Jerry's father? Why is it that the people who are obsessed with calling everyone and everything racist are always the most blatantly and disgustingly racist themselves? What a load of horseshit. You need to get laid. Alicia Silverstone when she was 15 View all replies >