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You like this song? I feel like partying right now! "My bad" That awful Edie Brickell What I Am song. Insufferable song and video. You can tell she is a vapid human being. No but I do find Friends to be offensive and assaulting to the senses for a variety of other reasons. 28 years later: good There's a question I'd like to ask Marcia... Finally an answer to Obi Wan's famous question. The fool who follows the fool is definitely more foolish. The wheels were in motion You should give it another go. I also absolutely hated the beginning of the movie. I thought it was hollow tryhard garbage. I thought about turning it off at a few points. But it actually becomes fairly engrossing and clever as it develops, just takes a while. I ended up enjoying it a lot. You're right about one thing though. The movie really isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's a send up of the conspiratorial, the occult, and the esoteric. After a certain point I could see exactly what they were doing with it and knew whoever wrote it had lots of knowledge and interest in the subject matter. It was pretty obviously made for the amusement of others who are versed in these things. For those who aren't I can imagine it would seem completely offputting and nonsensical. But I would recommend watching through it anyway. The songwriter scene alone is worth it. The TNA doesn't hurt either. Ann Blyth Queen of the Nile View all replies >