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Are you implying the mid 90's didn't have any movies of value? Literally one year before this (1994) had some classics. The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Clerks, The Professional, Four Weddings and a Funeral.. I could keep going. Also Mallrats wasn't intended to be a "Blockbuster" type movie when it came it. Budget was 6 million..The movie did underperform at the box office grossing only 2 million.. But the movie found it's audience when it hit VHS/DVD. It's probably my favorite Kevin Smith Movie after Dogma. Ehh I'd go with Empire Strikes Back You may have missed the window of discovering these movies in your youth to fully enjoy them for what they are I think the real twist or reveal is that Mysterio is able to expose Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Peter Parker is constantly trying to protect himself from being outed, and here he is, in the middle of time square exposed. Yeah, the whole jumpsuit thing was also strange. But I was talking about the normal clothes they had on. Remember when Adelaide goes down to the fun house, she has on a Thriller Micheal Jackson shirt and Red also had on a Thriller shirt but her's was distressed. If you noticed everyone one of the clones had on the same outfits as the people on top. At-least it's Jim Jarmusch giving it a try. Cast looks good too. My local theater isn't showing it, if not I would have probably gone to watch it. Ha love those videos Im guessing it's the chubby one All you do is talk about box office numbers. It's kinda weird. Also why is your avatar a Hitler Mickey Mouse? 90's kids are in their 30's already, these movies are targeted at kids. What it's doing is selling 90's culture to Gen-z. 90's culture has been for sale for a while now. View all replies >