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I never noticed how much i miss watching "at the movies" with Siskel and Ebert until I watch old movie reviews from their show. Talk about a spoiler title.. Nice job buddy Yea, it was a fathom events 2 day limited release. Kevin Smith is doing a roadshow/tour for the release of the movie They basically go around the country watching the movie with people and doing some sort of Q&N. It's not your typical release Conspiracy Theory as Jerry Fletcher and in Signs as Graham Hess You just made up an entire bit about you talking to your local theater manager in order to make fun of a movie that's just making fun of itself. Can't imagine anyone watching the trailer and picking up "Oscar bait" the trailer clearly sold the film as a Sci-FI Action popcorn flick. Should have been a summer movie, probably would have done better in the box office then it's going to do. I don't really have a problem telling people to keep it down, or doing a nice stare/glance in their direction. And if they don't shut up or put their phone away I slap their popcorn in the air and drink the rest of their slurpee and apologize for my rudeness. Scarface, Chinatown, No Country for Old Men, The Usual Suspects, Smokey and the Bandit, Beetlejuice, Ocean 11, The entire Fast in the Furious franchise, Godzilla... I could keep going, all those are films where your'e kinda rooting for the bad guys. Do you even watch movies? Song actually felt out of place and lazy. Could have used a better song to set the mood. It looks funny and has a great cast. It's also getting Oscar buzz already too. I'll probably watch it in theaters. View all replies >