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There is a Dutch station I like for 60s/70s - Radio Caroline 319 - Breskens NL When I listen it is internet radio: Audiophile Stream Network - (And quite a few more, but nothing really terribly unique or oddball) My parents were too old to be 60s hippies, and too young to be 50s beatniks. But they were far closer to Beatniks than Hippies back in the day. By the time I was a pre-teen I think they were a confusing mish mash of being liberal on the one hand and being quite square on the other. So, no, I wasn't raised to be counter-cultural. But I was exposed to it via some of their friends and acquaintances. I developed a disdain for all things touchy-feely new-agey. Yep. And the surprising thing is they were underpowered because of emission controls. (I guess in the early days of emission controls they didn't know how to compensate.) So you have this giant 7 liter (426 cu. in.) engine putting out under 200 horsepower. I think the mid-70s Eldorados are my favorite. 1976 was the last year for the convertible version: "Custom built by Global Coach in Orlando Florida" - Sounds like an aftermarket modification to me Why does it have a landau bar? The curvy S shaped thing that you see on hearses? Sort of like a mild version of Rich Vos, see my link below. Not a typical lisp, more like a slurring. To my mind, Vos is not lisping, saying "th" for "s." If it is not a lisp, what is it? Or does "lisp" refer to a several kinds of impediments? Why is the expression for a gun "lock and load" when you load, then lock View all replies >