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How long will Jussie be in jail? Tyrion the Traitor Is that Harry Potter? They are coming for you Jussie! Who will be the Democratic nominee? and why? List the logical flaws in the story Did they think to ask Bran for help? Can anyone explain to me why Missandei was on a leading warship? So Dany and Drogon have this mental connection Who was in charge of Danys armies? View all posts >


I thought for a while that Gendry and Arya would end up on the Iron Throne - would have been better than what they gave us. 1-6 good/great 7 mostly bad 8 complete shit I think the structure was wrong - S7 should have been about Dany taking the Iron Throne - and S8 about the battle with the dead. From the beginning it was "Winter is Coming" the main theme throughout the series - it should have ended with Winter. You are right - Trump is a great man - sad there are so many idiots that aren't aware of what he is doing/has done for the Country and the World. And the idiot, biased Dems wont Trump credit for anything. Yep - Trump has the economy on fire, and peace with N Korea is coming. The Dems hate him, they are like little children that didn't get their way. Spectacular :) agreed No - the whole story was about Dany rising to power, and freeing slaves. For her to start burning innocent women and children is so out of character - just awful writing, the story should have been so much better. Jussie is the dumbest person ive ever heard about - I think you're right - Keelai probably is Jussie - he seems to be equally dumb. View all replies >