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Did they think to ask Bran for help? Can anyone explain to me why Missandei was on a leading warship? So Dany and Drogon have this mental connection Who was in charge of Danys armies? Give me your rewrite for seasons 7 and 8 Can we start calling Jon Snow by his rightful name? Season 7 should have been about taking Kings Landing I now realize that the Night King was good So after 7 seasons of Jon thinking he was a bastard A better ending View all posts >


right - so disappointed in how it all turned out. I think the real problem was that the writers were artists and not scientists - basic physics eluded them. That and plot armor. Right - we see Jamie sinking deeper and deeper, wearing armor, pulling him downward and the next episode - magically he's laying on the shore. I was hoping he was dead - the show would have been more interesting without him. I agree - they gave us a shit ending. They story became so illogical you couldn't enjoy it anymore - so much of it made no sense. I thought the show started to go downhill at the start of Season 7 - Dany and the writers didn't seem to know what to do. And every bit of advice from Tyrion was wrong - I think he should be known as Tyrion the Traitor, he advises Dany to attack Casterly Rock instead of KL. He went along with the plan the bring a dead guy to Cersei - nearly everything he advised her to do was the opposite of what she should have done - he frees his brother, he cries over his sister - his true loyalties were exposed. He even convinced Jon to kill Dany which saved his own ass. So did Tyrion really think Dany needed to die? or was it that he knew how stupid Jon was, and could be easily manipulated. lol right Your right - I forgot about that - I was fully expecting the next episode to address his death - talk about plot armor. 2 Why would you think that Cersei would support the battle with the dead??? Apparently you haven't seen the 1st 6 seasons. 4 Why was Missandei on the ship, she couldn't ride a horse after the battle was over??? 5 The chain of command was never made clear or else Jon and Greyworm wouldn't have had a conflict. 6 are you retarded? what makes you think the people of KL supported Cersei? I agree - love the actors - hate the writers Going from where Dany was, to the madness it takes to burn innocent women and children would takes years - like 20 to 30 years - it would be a slow process - but D&D had to do Star Wars - they couldn't be bothered with this show anymore. View all replies >