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I dont get what all the fuss is about the Avatar series. Can someone explain to me? Halo Rumor If we all saw a picture of what the real Jesus looked like So was he good in the camera and electrical work department? What killed him in the end The kids cant act in this I don't consider the new movies part of the Star Wars universe. Opinion divided - LIKE MOST GILLIAM FILMS, LOL View all posts >


It wasn't generally disliked. Who are you to make that claim? A 6.7 /10 is pretty high for any film on IMDB. I remember enjoying it when it came out, and it helped revive interest in Ali for a new generation, my self, who were not alive to see any of his fights, or see him in his "hayday" . That's what this film did good, because for me being born in '89, if it wasn't for this film I might not even have heard of Ali for many more years. As for the tone, I found it fitting. Boxing is a rough sport, it's not exactly a fairy tale life. A boxing movie that was all joyous, full of jovial overtones? I don't think that would fit, or be that entertaining. Unless you just wanted something like Rocky... but I dont think that would work in a movie about Ali. The good ones will still look good. The crap ones will age poorly. For example, movies from the Golden Age of hollywood such as Orson Welles' Citizen Cane, or Marilyn Munroe in Some Like It Hot , still look great today. How was what I said a stupid statement? The only stupid statement was coming from you, stating that how old a film is has any indication on quality. There are a thousand of these youtube "Why Hollywood Won't Cast *Insert Actor* Anymore" Videos that are just made by some youtuber in their basement. Some people choose to do other things with their lives. That's what she did, she retired, moved on from acting. Doesn't mean that Hollywood stopped casting her. She probably just got fed up with the roles drying up. Around 2008 was when Hollywood really started to decline in quality, anyway. She got out at the right time. One of her last roles was in some TV show playing a cop in NYC. Right about the time when alot of Hollywood stars were getting into TV because, that's where the money and attention was. But that doesn't mean that's where the quality productions were being made. If you ask me, she got out at the perfect time, rather than staying in an industry in decline, settling for roles she didnt really like, that may have got critical acclaim and awards (Which really mean nothing). Sure she could have stayed acting, probably been in some successful streaming series, but what's the point if she isn't really interested in those projects, or isn't being inspired much? A career from 14-39 of making films is a big body of work anyway. Also I completely disagree with the sentiment she was a bad actress, I consider her one of the best of her generation. She is my absolute favorite actress, I've watched almost all her films , I didn't see them all when they came out but i went back and watched them all. She is hands down one of the best of her generation and my personal favorite actress or actor of all. Sure not every movie she did was amazing, but her performances and looking at her career broadly, really was a great actress. I agree, these posts are so annoying. Leelee was a WAY better actress than Jennifer Lawrence anyway if you really look at all her films. If Lucas had sold Star Wars in the 80s anther studio wulda done the same thing. WE are lucky he kept it for so long. Disney never cared about the franchise. Of course they didn't . Just like Marvel didnt ever care about the creators of gold and silver age comics, they took everything from them, and now they release it all under their Marvel studio. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY TO THEM But the visuals don't even look that impressive to me. That was my whole point. Some cat-faced blue skinned aliens? You thikn the CGI isn't going to look dated in 10 years, but think about in 50 years, any novelty of the effects will be worn off. She's not as bad as Symone Sanders. Bro is what people say when they lack a vocabulary to say anything else YES IT IS 100% WORTH IT I HAD THE FLU 2 WEEKS AGO AND IT WAS THE WORST EVER HAD IT , SERIOUSLY ALMOST HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL . THAT'S HOW SICK I WAS. SO ITS EITHER GET UR SHOT OR HAVE A CHANCE OF BEING SO SICK U NEED ANTIBIOTICS ? ILL TAKE THE SHOT. View all replies >