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thank you Just wondering. Why throw in that Larsen line? Ah Ragnarok. The movie with a white male lead, female villian, black Heimdall getting a big role and Odin in a retirement home. That movie? When he battled Hulk in Infinity he didnt use the gem he had. He really is insanely powerful by himself. When he battled groups later you have to realize one thing. He was toying with them. They had a great chance with Mantis but, that was the best shot they had. After that they had no chance. Yea I did like the scene as well. Loved it when Sheldon ran down stairs and Penny was already there. Also since they love comics and they had elevator scenes, if only Cap could have had one. Edit: now that I think of it. It could have been Zach dressed as Cap. Thats what I was thinking. Especially with Cap. Not only are all 3 of his movies great. He is also in 4 Avengers movies that are great. Eh Age of Ultron isnt really a bad film. lol. Yea it had to be a rewrite. If they didnt have that scene diehard fans would have complained hardcore. Plus wasnt that gauntlet right handed as well? I respect that. I was just giving my 2 cents. I am a huge Eastwood fan tho. Ian is legendary as well. Dreaded Pirate Roberts Comics Drax was an altered hiuman. Star Fox was Thanos' brother. View all replies >