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Well think about. The dog in T2 is not named Wolfie. That's the name the Terminator picked. Maybe Wolfie is a default name a Terminator would use. It's Cap. He is the leader. Tony has the tech and his mind is legendary but lacks leadership. Gamora did now that I think of it. Yes Or if it's not a dream but rather a flashback. I saw it as Brad day dreaming. Thinking "yea I could kick Bruce Lee's ass". I don't think the fight ever took place. He was just working on the roof letting his mind wand er. Jarvis 6 Pepper 8 or 9 Randy Moss So he says they're gone, reduced to atoms. I used the stones to destroy the stones. Thats why I think he just shrunk them. But I guess it is up to interpretation now. But I will concede. Funny thing. My wife just came home with it. I watch a little later and either confirm or concede. Till then thanks for the civil convo. It so rare on these boards. lol. View all replies >