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Jarvis 6 Pepper 8 or 9 Randy Moss So he says they're gone, reduced to atoms. I used the stones to destroy the stones. Thats why I think he just shrunk them. But I guess it is up to interpretation now. But I will concede. Funny thing. My wife just came home with it. I watch a little later and either confirm or concede. Till then thanks for the civil convo. It so rare on these boards. lol. Im not saying your wrong. Maybe we need a third party. Im pretty he spoke of shrinking them and spreading them out. The signature was from using the stones a second time. That second time was to shrink them. Thanos himself says this. I believe they mention the first snap sent out a similar signature. That is how they knew where Thanos was. He did not destroy the stones. He shrunk them to make them impossible to find. Fox wednesday 9pm He shrunk them to a microscopic size. Making it nearly impossible to find them. Yea it wasnt until I had a Polish friend. His last name started with Wierz as well. View all replies >