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Sea preasure Didnt know its back till yesterday Was it ALL a dream Good Job DC Wierzbowski EVERYONE Thats Not It What I wanted. spoilers Spoiler for when they left View all posts >


Fox wednesday 9pm He shrunk them to a microscopic size. Making it nearly impossible to find them. Yea it wasnt until I had a Polish friend. His last name started with Wierz as well. Is this a serious question? Leo and its not even close. I prefer Jarvis to Friday. Jarvis was with the Stark family so long it felt so much more natural. But I am a Fan of Friday. Uncle Ben never actually said those words in the comics. I could be wrong but in ROTS I believe Leia was born with open eyes and Lukes eyes were closed. Maybe with the force that image has stuck with her. thank you Just wondering. Why throw in that Larsen line? Ah Ragnarok. The movie with a white male lead, female villian, black Heimdall getting a big role and Odin in a retirement home. That movie? View all replies >