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has a physical abnormality and disability which makes her have to lick her lips every minute when talking. why is this called black xmas? why not black christmas? how come this movie is called black christmas and the 06 remake is called black xmas? just watched this about a week ago it still is really powerful in parts favorite part of this movie: mickey rourke, then ellen barkin, then elizabeth mcgovern, then forest whitaker, not much to the story, not enough character depth i thought it was going to be a lot better not that good at all, slightly above average action movie i just like to come here and talk about a movie i watched florence pugh????? i can't believe it she's made it! Wow! i've almost never been more amazed captivated or impressed with how beautiful a woman is than i was of fleabag View all posts >


ok? where can you watch all these movies? these "movies" are so pointless and worthless. i'm talking about cheap in worth and effort from the filmmakers, "teenagers" actresses slasher movies which are usually pg13 rated which are a worth a dime a dozen. the filmmakers don't care about plot or originality they just know they can make money on these movies. this the worst epidemic in movie history. it makes me so sick. they just made a remake in 2006 just 13 years ago wtf? and it shouldn't have existed bc the original can't be better. no horror movie is better than it. the weird thing is they actually made a remake to cabin fever a few years ago when the original was made in 2002??? yes that should be a rule they should have to wait 20 years. exactly would they stop remaking classic horror films already. i mean this is the ultimate and the epitome of remake evil and remakes being made that aren't necessary and thus shouldn't exist. there was no reason for the 2006 remake bc the original is perfect and the best christmas horror movie ever made and is so great that you can't improve on it. which is the only reason why you should make a remake. this is despicable. there's not a better horror film that has ever been made than the original so you can't remake it. and this is not just me not liking new movies. 10/10 it's a perfect slasher film which is quite powerful even after watching it a few times. imdb is retarded. mickey rourke is intriguing to watch in this movie. i agree all the parts with rourke and mcgovern were intriguing, that's the best part of this movie. the problem is this movie wasn't intriguing until the 45 minute mark. the ending was flat. it just ended in a very unceremonial way it didn't have much power. anytime you have 2 thumbs up from siskel and ebert you're all good. tabloid bs? you mean he had sex with an underage girl like rob lowe? View all replies >