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aged horribly, looks at least 50 years old now it started the eye candy t and a show trend in the '90s, which also charlie's angels and three's company had looks unwatchably horrible nowadays. oh my gosh she aged worse than any person in history. whatever happened to t and a or eye candy television in america? the brunette who has sex with the guy is so beautiful and has beautiful big tits! they broke a movie rule in this movie which is amazing i love, love their tribute and homage to the double impalement sex scene in friday the 13th part 2 this movie has some of the best nudity that i've ever seen and has more nudity than almost any slasher movie best tits nudity and most tits nudity in a horror movie since the '80s and besides the friday the 13th reboot what happened to virginia madsen? oh my gosh she's aged so horribly View all posts >


how old are you? just give a range. i grew up watching baywatch in the '90s so it would be nice to know if we remember growing up with '90s tv. exactly right after she left we had 7 main girls on the show. that's way too many. and they all were the worst actors. it seemed like they really were just going for eye candy right after she left. so you were 8 when you started watching this? that's pretty young to be watching baywatch. see and this is what is wrong with america. everyone is too uptight nowadays about women's rights. it was so much better when you could watch a show with babes degrading themselves as sex objects on tv shows in the '90s. you just found out this? she was on baywatch in the early '90s. she's the best baywatch babe of all time. no other girl came close, except donna derrico. she was so wholesome and girl next door and sweet looking and acting and talking. but yet she was also a naughty bad girl who posed for playboy. so she had it all. exactly i agree. i used to compare them when they stood side by side in an episode where yasmine was wearing a bikini. oh my gosh she was stunningly beautiful and had a breathtakingly beautiful body. and she had a girl next door quality that was so attractive. and she had a perfect body with a curves. i know what you mean pamela wasn't really engaed on the show after paul left. and then they had a parade of babes which was too much. it was overkill. they had no less than 6 main star girls on the show at one time which is way too many. this started around '97. it's so much fun. oh my gosh it's what tv is missing nowadays a sense of good humored, relaxed fun. everything is so serious on tv nowadays it's sickening and so boring. tiffani amber thiessen. very good comparison. tiffani looked better than yasmine when they were both in their prime. their eyes are very rare crystal clear blue and very stunning in the '90s. also carmen electra also on baywatch has crystal clear blue eyes. View all replies >