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getting with sonny was immoral so pretty disturbing, he's been with his wife for 40 years but she is 50 years old??? this show is so bad now this season i love betty miles in this well i just watched the worst movie ever made i feel so sorry for john saxon being in this movie at first i thought ghost is michael ironside but it's john saxon halloween kills really? what a dumb title. ok, this is wrong, this movie should have come out this year, they said it would??? wtf? always looked like joey ramone View all posts >


it's pretty obvious and pretty self explanatory about him being extremely stupid and immature with his behavior and general way of acting. for one the way he acts around the press being all ghetto black guy dumb, 2 what he said about taylor swift when she won an award, he said something and did something extremely unintelligent and immature saying that beyonce should have won and thus stealing taylor's moment of pleasure and accomplishment. so his general behavior. oh and naming his babies the worst and most idiotic and ill conceived names in the history of mankind. chicago, north and another name. it's the oct 12, 2020 cover of people my gosh there's no way she' that old she is 50 at the oldest. i've never heard of this before. bc with even the longest rock star relationships they start after high school. like Bono and his wife was after high school they've been together since 1982! and with ozzy and sharon that was after he was in high school. was it an old picture from 10 years ago? but then he wouldn't look as old as he looks in the picture? no fucking way. if you saw the picture from last week that i saw on the cover of like people magazine. you'd say she is 50 years old maybe even younger. now i want you to look at this picture ok? i was aghast bc she actually looked 45 years old in the picture. i find it extremely hard to believe that she is 58 years old. View all replies >