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it's wrong how this is the only legitimate movie traci made which she shows her tits in a quality nudity way in is it true traci lords was up for the role that went to sharon stone in casino? it's wrong how traci lords despises people calling her an x porn star did he deserve all the big name movie big parts he got in the '80s and '90s? is he a great actor? sometimes he's great, he's always lovable except when he pl she was never a real actress because she never showed nudity her career is over, she's now in a new fox show she is on tv so her career is over what is the name of this horror movie? she's just as bad as kim and khloe in terms of her being into herself as far as being on keeping up with the kardashians she was on one life to live, but she's not an actress? View all posts >


fuck you a porn performer exactly also alyssa milano i saw in a pic from her social media page and she looks really rough and old nowadays. so does liv tyler and gwyneth paltrow. why do you think sarah michelle gellar should have been the lead girl in i know what you did last summer? look at her pictures on her social media pages my gosh she looks old it doesn't matter, she never showed nudity so her looks are all useless and wasted. exactly but did you know about liz jordan's sexual number? my gosh, i don't care how she ended up having sex, casual or not, she's a slut from that number. who? that's typical hollywood nowadays not being realistic, and not giving us what we want. a stripper who doesn't show her tits? what? they also did that with jennifer aniston in that comedy she was in a few years ago with jason sudekis. View all replies >