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waaaay too violent sickeningly so better than most slasher movies but worse than the great slasher movies this movie is an amazing accomplishment of making almost every single main character unbearably annoying so did they try to make every single character annoying on purpose? i kept waiting for something to be explained about the main character and nothing was ever explained ok, this movie sucks oh my gosh, adrienne barbeau is the most beautiful girl who has ever lived stephanie is the most beautiful girl who has ever lived so this show started the exact same year all in the family ended? this is the most boring horror movie ever made View all posts >


but the problem with that is it's not a traditional slasher movie it's a slasher/superhero movie so being that we demand a character backstory like superman so the fact we never get any character backstory is unacceptable. why would they look not as good as a new picture because they are five years old? you're acting like kate's nudes are new. did you just see them for the first time this year? they came out about 5 years ago. yeah which is wrong as that's her calling card, huge tits, so to deprive us all of that, there is no bigger sin. and also she never has shown them because if she did then her mystique and specialness would be gone. then she wouldn't be able to be special sexy, then we wouldn't care about her anymore because she has no other talents besides looking good. which is really sad because she should have to show them. the same is true of megan fox and mila kunis. if they got they leaked then yes i am glad because she deserves to be punished for never showing them. how can you be ok with annoying characters who aren't funny in comedic roles? it's not any worse than if she was just boyfriend and girlfriend with him. also when the pics got "leaked" she wasn't married to him. if they were leaked then she deserved it as she never ever showed nudity before these pics came out which is wrong. any real model shows her tits in pictures. that's what i thought. i thought wtf? what happened to her amazing, round ass? now she has a man's butt, with no shape whatsoever. shame on her! what do you mean? how is being annoying ever ok? the only instance where being annoying is ok is if the person is funny also. but these characters weren't funny except for the hot brunette who hated the main girl and the australian girl and the old guy who kept swearing. the problem is all of them make you hate justin verlander. and that kind of spoils them for you because you can't have her and he does. don't you agree? View all replies >