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why did a movie this bad get made? i mean oh my gosh there's about nothing good about it what in the world was up with the scene about halfway through where the main brunette girl was suddenly making out with what are the most underrated or unknown great cult films? why isn't every movie 1 years or older available to watch on comcast on demand for free? the new once upon a time in Hollywood has brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio in i think their first movie together? so my t 2 and a half hours long? i've never in my entire life heard of a horror movie being 2 and a half hours long what's wrong with selena gomez? gosh her face looks so fat in this how come selena gomez looks so old in this? this is such a great film that even selena gomez is good in it 6/10 stars? of course, of course anything great gets a low rating on here whereas the shitty movies get too high of rati View all posts >


oh my gosh, i know what you mean about the oscars. this year when i watched i couldn't believe how it had like no stars. where was julia roberts, sandra bullock, tom cruise, tom hanks, robert de niro, al pacino, brad pitt, leonardo di caprio, matt damon? i mean i couldn't believe that the oscars, always the most important awards show didn't have any stars except maybe 5. and annoyingly, instead we got all these black women who i don't know. the other thing annoying about this year's oscars was the big women's rights movement going on which was so obvious and blatant it was annoying. also i hated how it was all about black women who i don't know, again that was too obvious and blatant. also where was the host? where was the host? you can't not have an oscars host. this is unacceptable. why in the world did they not have a host this year? a host is needed to make the show entertaining and less boring and more relatable to people watching at home and to make it more fun and less uptight and serious. what does megan fox have to do with your last point about actors acting nowadays being the people who really like acting? what i hate more than anything is this new internet, social media celebrity maker. people who have no business being famous and making it in the entertainment industry are making it in the entertainment industry, the worst example of this is kim kardashian. where is the work, the devotion to a craft to get famous and to get a career in Hollywood and the entertainment industry? also this hurts the people who actually are devoted to the craft of acting and who put in all the work to be good at acting because they get less credit and exposure when everyone is talking about and looking at and watching kim kardashian. the other thing i don't like is how you only see actors who start out for about 10 years before a new group of actors are in movies. and sometimes this time is only 5 years. what ever happened to tobey maguire and kirsten dunst, people like them? i mean half the new actors in Hollywood who get main, starring roles in movies i don't know. this is wrong. it used to be you could count on knowing who is in the movies that you watch, we had stalwart stars. now it's always who's the next it girl or guy. on, you can't write anything after a review actually, just after the comments people leave about a movie. i love how you said actresses of the '90s time was more prestigious than nowadays, '00s to now. so true. i think the reasons why it had prestige being an actor in the '90s but not since the '00s is because actors don't take their careers as serious nowadays as they did in the '90s. you used to have to care about acting as an actor and often times had to do plays on broadway before becoming a movie actor. also the whole reality tv thing really screwed up acting in movies because again the "actors" who act in movies nowadays don't have the pedigree of '90s actors because they started out as just people on reality tv shows. this is such a shame and is so wrong. oh and ageism also exists among actors not just actresses because most actor by the time they reach 35 are not used that much at all in starring roles in movies. ok george clooney has never been a great actor. that's unquestionable and that is one factor. also he's not charismatic or enjoyable to watch onscreen most of the time. most of the time since he's not a great actor he dials it in. point of reference gravity. he was just being george clooney, playing himself in that movie. now that's not to say he's never been charismatic he was charismatic in out of sight and from dusk till dawn and he was mesmerizing in syriana, he gave a great performance in it but those performances are few and far in between. even his charismatic performances are few and far in between. so you add those factors up and he's not acting in movies anymore. who are you talking about? also where is henry fonda, tony curtis, peter o'toole, brad pitt, johnny depp, nicholas cage, john cusack, patrick swayze, and kevin bacon on your list? there is no point to anything that happens in this movie and there is nothing original or interesting about this movie. there's just nothing good about it except good acting by the main girl and the girl who plays her sister. it's just sad that a movie this bad and worthless gets mass distribution or distribution at all when there are good movies being made that never get distribution. and there are good as low budget as this movie movies but this movie has nothing good or enjoyable about it really. no it wasn't you never said why you think she was expensive so why do you think this? View all replies >