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wtf? i don't remember the show fantasy island being a horror show? what's the deal with not once but twice showing two people after having sex but never showing the sex??? hot stuff wow, what a hot scene when the girl confronted her girlfriend about sleeping with her boyfriend! i'm aroused! when horror fans watched this what did you think of it? cool, little movie. it has it's moments, it's ambitious and it executes those in pretty satisfying and professional ways tatum o'neal was so hot in this film! drool this is one of the most boring movies i've ever watched this is one of the worst movies i have ever watched i heard kyle richards was in the first halloween View all posts >


what is the black emmanuelle? can you look it up on here and tell me what the exact name is? i thought of jodie foster while watching tatum o'neal in this film. by the way i finally just watched this film for the first time a few days ago on movieplex on demand. do you have this channel on on demand? i think the reason why i thought of jodie foster while watching tatum in this film is they were both in a similar movies around the exact same time. jodie was in a movie called foxes and tatum was in little darlings. yeah, that was odd, the ending totally shifted the tone. the ending was like the ending in the loved ones. but that one scene...the scene where the main girl confronts her boyfriend and then says to her girlfriend. "why are you wearing his coat," and when she said "i bet that's not the only way you were warmed up tonight." that was so hot. and when she replied "what's gotten into you?" and she replied, "i should be asking you that." that was so fucking hot. and then when she punched her out that was so fucking hot. don't you agree that was a really hot scene? and the way they went back and forth between the main girl talking to her guy friend who has a crush on her and her boyfriend having sex with that hot british girl and afterwards was well done. oh and wasn't it hot when after they have sex the british girl gets totally used and abused by that guy? i couldn't understand that. why would she say kill? you would think she would say kill never again. really? that's too bad about her dad. well, now watching her in this film do you think she's hot? she was contractually obligated to be in that shit movie? i mean, seriously anyone who has watched halloween resurrection knows it's a forgettable movie. i was more impressed with her amazing stomach and belly button. she has one of the most beautifully shaped stomachs i've ever seen. oh my gosh and the curves of her sides are so beautifully shaped and so fit. i noticed that recently also. after looking at a playboy magazine i noticed the shapes of girl's breasts in the '70s looked different than the shapes of girl's breasts nowadays. it's weird because why did breast shapes change from the '70s to the '90s? and from the '90s to nowadays? such a beautiful story. i did a similar thing i took my sister's friends madonna's sex book from the garage in a storage box to the side of the garage outside, under a bush to hide it. i still can remember the first time i ever really looked at a playboy magazine, meaning looked at a nude girl in a playboy magazine. my friend's dad had a lot of them in a cardboard box. i felt really dirty and guilty and sinful looking at a nude girl picture. that was one of those epic moments in life, you know what i mean? it was a coming of age moment. when i watched this scene i thought movies back in the '70s always had a shot of a playboy magazine. playboy was so big popular and epic in the '70s that's why so many movies in the '70s have a playboy shown in them. there's a mystery and specialness that playboy penthouse and other magazines before about 10 years ago had that online porn has never had and never will. it's that you don't see sex in any magazines like playboy. and also, it's because people saw and talked about playboy magazine before about 10 years ago, whereas online porn videos aren't talked about because they're so available and so prevalent, they are everywhere. have you ever had a subscription to bang bros? View all replies >