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Creed. Used to love this.. How did.. Slightly underwhelmed. You’re dead! Superb! What exactly happened between Indy and Marion? Fascinating. Gotta say... Would Harry really of ... ? View all posts >


I agree. Mmm, because clearly that’s not his thing. Yes. Lots of people here going on about Christmas Vacation but what about Memoirs of an Invisible Man ? That was a very good and enjoyable film. Yeah I agree but then there wouldn’t have been a film. Me too! I gotta say they could not have chosen a better song to finish the film off could they. It fits in so perfectly to that ending. I love it so much I downloaded it! Rent the video ? Who the hell rents videos anymore? First off what the hell is WCW ? There are a few parts in Crichton’s excellent book that didn’t make it into Spielberg’s film but I’d have to say it would’ve been awesome to have seen the T-Rex run and ‘plunge’ (as Crichton put it) into the lake in its pursuit of Alan, Lex and Tim. Can you imagine being in a boat and you turn round to look behind you and see that? Also it would’ve been cool to have seen the Dilophosaurus‘ following the boat on the sides of the river as the boat made its escape. I too wish Muldoon survived. Bob Peck was so good in the role. For those who haven’t read the book I SO recommend it, it’s a fantastic read. I defy anyone not to be out of breath reading the T-Rex attack on the kids, brilliant! Whatever happened it was and still is tragic. We still gained an amazing film but at a high price. Brandon Lee had the world at his feet, I mean he would’ve been a big star after The Crow. So sad. View all replies >