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Fantastic, gripping documentary. S2 Ep 1 So interesting. Do you think Sgt. Al Pal was reprimanded? Anyone else think .. Not impressed with S3! Hilarious line.. Uncle Owen Smug bitch! View all posts >


You, me and most everyone else! You can blame George Lucas for this, he got carried away with technology bigtime. Sadly none of his effects team were brave enough to tell him ‘No’. He should’ve been executed STRAIGHTAWAY, end of. lmao. Yes I saw it 3 times! I even dragged my mum along with me lol. At the time I thought it was absolutely amazing but looking back now definitely not so much! Still love the pod race though! Yes agreed, it’s a really good film and highly underrated. It deserves more credit. “Don’t mess with the bull son cos you’ll get the horns”. lol 😆 Now there’s a thought..interesting. Ok cool thanks, I’ll check it out! Leave him be, he deserves it. He’s done his bit. He whispered ‘Damn you’re a fine piece of ass, wanna go back to the hotel and make out?’. View all replies >