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Don’t get me wrong... Loved it. Have just started S1... Loving this, well recommended. Does anyone else think... Can’t help feeling a bit sad.. Mick Unleash The Mountain! Ep 6 - did I miss something ? Who else here .. View all posts >


Yeah I really like Spider-Man but I think Raimi definitely peaked with Spider-Man 2 which was/and still is awesome and in my opinion the perfect Summer Superhero movie. That’s just hilarious! 3 was bad enough with the terrible effects and supposed 3D (which, let’s face it was in its infancy back then). Jaws 4 takes the biscuit though, what an awful awful film! The family ‘revenge’ storyline - ludicrous and THAT ending with the shark being killed by the mast of the boat, it was all just so laughable. No! It WAS absolute RUBBISH !!! I couldn’t agree more! This is awful, I’ve just come downstairs to find my darling wife watching this drivel, what an absolute borefest of the highest order! Crap, crap, crap. I’ve always wondered about this too. I seriously doubt it. I wonder who his dentist was ? lol Ok well do us all a favour and stop fucking moaning then !! Hey, it’s a film..accept it! Ok thanks. Yes I totally agree about S2 E7, it was awful! View all replies >