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I thought it was the worst movie of the franchise and I regret that I went to see it. Would not recommend to anyone. The score was amazing though. 5/10 Cool theory but incorrect. Wade couldn't swim so obviously he was panicking. He wasn't trying to kill the husband at such an early point because they didn't want to blow their cover yet. Nothing more complex than that. Braveheart. I just think it's perfect. Summer of 84 was outstanding. Highly recommend it. It had a strong Stranger things vibe to it and the pacing was perfect. There just wasn't a weak moment in the movie. Aliens: Gold rush Yeah, you've got a point there. I saw it last year and thought it was one of De Niro's best performances which is saying a lot. Based on what? I wouldn't call it epic. It was messy and I wanted to leave. Having said that I still found the clown parts entertaining. Yes this was the biggest issue for me too. No need to make a horror movie 3 hours long. View all replies >