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I wouldn't call it epic. It was messy and I wanted to leave. Having said that I still found the clown parts entertaining. Yes this was the biggest issue for me too. No need to make a horror movie 3 hours long. Just saw it and hated all the jumpscares in it. I think there were about 5. I dont know how you could've missed them. For example, under the stand on the ballgame with the little girl. The Justin Bieber one. Keanu Reeves Didn't really care what's gonna happen to Sweat after they showed what he had done. Actually also he wasn't checking any website, he got a notification of someone liking his comment. Also he wasn't pretending to be a cab driver. He was a legit Hitcher (Uber) driver. I know, I'm just a nitpicker. Unfortunately season 3 wasn't even close as captivating as the first two seasons. Classy response. Who cares what you say? Got it, thx. View all replies >