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well - its a french story I like that the girl tames the story for her and takes it on in her horizon (all work machine planet). I am not sure if it was even necessary that she met the little prince in that part. I feel it would have been better if this part was also made in stop motion. I would have prefered if she would have found a new friend or her fatehr on the city planet and was not in the need of the little prince any more. I felt that the beach community of the movie were neither backpackers nor travelers, - they arrived there to stay - they brought their cliché life to the place - they were not trying to experience and learn from other cultures - they behaved like party tourists and all they wanted was private party So a mayor issue I had with the movie was the way it named them travellers A community of real travelers seeking their paradise-life outside their home society would be - a nomadic community, which tries to interact with the local populations - it would be less about multi-linguistics than about learning the language the inhabitants speak - they would have less issues with getting their hair bleaching equipment and stuff, but how far they can dive into the culture and still not loose themselves in it (otherwise they would become locals, they would not remain travelers), and also how far to go and not get sick as their bodies are not used to these conditions As much as I liked the subtle ending, the great beginning and the frame with the telephone, I agree. I thought the movie fell apart and became were static and predictable. Person 1 tells his highs and lows, then person 2, then person 3. This is a very tight concept, which did not help the story to get its own life in my head as is so beatifully said by Shields. If the three short stories are that much defined, at least the frame needed to be more dynamic. I felt Harry Pebbel's speech to the three quite stagey and then its not the three just drifting away one after the other, but they start narrating "when I first met Jonathan...". This gave a very artificial feel. one child - the one and only, two children - often immense rivalry, a loved one and another one, who seems to be there too, three or more - there is always another brother or sister to team up with and its not all about the affection of the parents. Beth incpable of loving anyone - I don't think so, not before Buck's death, afterwards she put up a facade out of self-protection she intentionally avoids Conrad because she knows that contact could hurt him and her, and that's exactly what she does not want Probably she is not in the drama club and not even at school. She tells it to prove herself that there is meaningful content in her life. Conrad tends to turn his desperation to the outside. Karen tends to overplay it with showing everybody how happy she is. That is why Conrad is so much drawn to her. I saw in her reaction: being puzzled - surprise - shortly being touched, which made her feeling far away in another reality - getting closed up and controlled again immediately He won for best supporting actor? :D Who was the lead then? The story was a lot about his mother too, but I am sorry, it was all about him! View all replies >