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Depends on what you mean by bad? If you mean more action focused, raunchy and gritty, then I agree. Bad Boys II is really good too! It may have not been a critical success, but it's adored by most action movie fans with some considering it better than the first. Forgotten? Not a chance. It may not have been well received by critics or rated high on IMDb, but it's still well-liked by many fans of creature features and shark fanatics alike. It doesn't surprise me at all that some people prefer this over Jaws 2. Jaws 2 may be a decent sequel (far superior than any that followed), but it does suffer from several things that make it less enjoyable than Deep Blue Sea -such as tedious pacing at times, annoying characters (screaming teenagers), rehashed plot points (Vaughn's refusal to believe Brody yet again was ridiculous to say the least), and seemed to take itself a bit too seriously for the most part. Deep Blue Sea felt more straight to the point as a B-grade monster movie, with much better pacing and more re-watchability in my opinion, and the talking parrot and LL Cool J made for effective comic relief which was the intention. You and the other detractors always heavily complain about the CGI, and yes it is weak but it's actually used very little for the most part. Instead, the film mostly makes use of animatronic models that aren't just passable, they're incredible -the design, the movements, the texture... everything! The animatronics in Jaws 2 are decent, but still weak in comparison to those in the original film (the part where the shark's mouth visibly bends is distracting). John Williams' score isn't that great either, aside from the cues it takes from the original film's theme, there's nothing really memorable about it -where's Trevor Rabin's fusion of the Jaws and Psycho themes for the Deep Blue Sea score had me riveted all the way through. Then of course there's the characters. Sure, the late Roy Scheider gives it his all, but his screentime is overshadowed by what eventually becomes a teen slasher movie with a shark. Deep Blue Sea may have some over-the-top characters and performances but I'll take them over the screaming teenagers in Jaws 2 any day. I bet you just used Google. >You could barely see the action all the shaky cam, quick cuts and the CGI robots that looked the same. The action set peices were bad because you couldnt see what was going on, spacial awerness was non-existent. Well then, you sir are as blind as a bat. Drop down to your local optometrist and don't let the door hit you on the way in. Well you can hate on the first Transformers movie all you like, but it was very popular when it was released and still thoroughly enjoyed to this day. It's an entertaining and action packed popcorn flick with a simple heart and an good-enough balance of comedy and drama, and it did bring the franchise into new levels of public awareness and popularity in the mainstream. The target audience (teens and young adults) ate it up and younger kids became so obsessed with the franchise that Hasbro actually had some difficulty producing enough toys for the Holiday season of ’07. Well, just recently Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed that, along with a followup to Bumblebee, a sequel to The Last Knight is still in development. So Bumblebee may not be a complete reboot after all. I wasn't a huge fan of The Last Knight, but I'm open for a continuation from where that film left off. The first Transformers movie wasn't embraced by critics, but definitely by audiences. The target audience (teens and young adults) ate it up, and younger children became so obsessed with the franchise that Hasbro actually had some difficulty producing enough toys for the Holiday season of ’07. "how is it they can be copied and perfectly replicate their voice, appearance and house and make them do anything like take a bubble bath, its all fucking impossible." Not impossible at all. Obviously this is what computer programs do, compute. When it has enough footage, with modern technology, it can render anything. Just find video of someone holding gun or shooting themselves online, put it into the video that it rendered of Lola, done. It only needed videos of her to duplicate her, her voice and her surroundings, everything else it can add up. That is the point of a scary smart computer program/algorithm. View all replies >