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Not only are you wrong in many ways, but you also completely missed the point! "But it’s nice to know that audiences have generally responded well to the new film." Hardly. Audience reception has been largely polarizing at best, and WON'T get any better with time. "I also *like* the back story of Willie and his dad. Remakes should differ by more than just actors and updates in special effects." I agree with the second part, especially as a fair few remakes (Psycho 1998, Disney's live-action remakes etc.) fail by being shot by shot, and only updating technical specs. However, if you payed closer attention you'll realize that that's NOT the reason I and many others have a problem with the added back story. If you have to ask why, you'll never know. If those are your worst, which ones do you think are the best? Nah, San Junipero and USS Callister are overrated as fvck! The Entire History of You, White Christmas, Nosedive, and Hated in the Nation are by far the best. I thought it was the best of the light toned, funny, happy ending episodes. Far better than the vastly overrated San Junipero. Sure, that episode was built on a good concept and had genuinely moving moments, but was too slow to get going and became less enjoyable on repeat viewings. Depends on what you mean by bad? If you mean more action focused, raunchy and gritty, then I agree. Bad Boys II is really good too! It may have not been a critical success, but it's adored by most action movie fans with some considering it better than the first. Forgotten? Not a chance. It may not have been well received by critics or rated high on IMDb, but it's still well-liked by many fans of creature features and shark fanatics alike. View all replies >