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Anyone who recreates this journey, which unequivocally ended in death, is suicidal. 'Nuff said. Sounds like you got the answer, joekill162, none of them had. Let us know when/if you get back! So glad you wrote that! Way too many peoplle sympathizing with the guy -- just cuz he's the victim and it hurts their ego I guess Def. not! But the camera blurs & fades so we know she did something but not what. She's resourceful enuf to figure a way.... I love that you thought this ouut in detail ! And shared with us! whenn you consider having to play characters within a character, I say she did amazing! Perhaps the mess and strange, surrealistic action shots are supposed to mirror the craziness that would actually happen in this scenario. 1) Jeff is a criminal, and exists only bc of secrecy, which makes his call to report a crime against him impossible (bc his own crime would be revealed) 2) He's angry and humiliated to be found out, pleading his innocence until the VERY end & is driven to kill her b/c she's supposed to be victimized, not him -- to end this and keep his multitude of crimes secret Why? Because it tells a story about women? High time. Get used to it. Yes, this site only has a thriving MAGA cult. It's rotting the place with its "Very High IQ Person[s]." That's like saying SNL should stop. IMO, I think it's one of the main purposes of creative art to critique culture. Woe to us all if it ceased to be. We'd only have corporate advertising left to influence us and drain our pockets. View all replies >