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More proof IMDB scores are nonsense If Bruce Dern were unreasonably happy ... What happens to him? "Four big bags of pot, Mr. Depp! Four big bags of pot!" "No, you're fine." Do these guys all go to the same barber? Does he remind you of Winston Churchill? How big was his doodle? What if he won? Do you agree with Snopes? View all posts >


Next week apparently. The same article said the trial is supposed to take six weeks. Six weeks! What crime did humanity commit to deserve six more weeks of this garbage? It started in the U.S. back in the 80s, I believe. It's utterly awful. Really highlights the disgusting power of the lobbyists. Right up there with Eye in the Sky by the Alan Parsons Project. KC and the Sunshine Band I just watched The Last Picture Show (1971) directed by Peter Bogdanovich which had a great cast, including Cybil Shepard, Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn, Eileen Brennan. Apparently Brando advised him to shoot it in B&W. I really can't imagine it would be nearly as good as it is if it had been made in color. I believe the last movie from the 70s I saw before that was Donkey Skin (1970) directed by Jacques Demy, a French fairy tale explaining, I guess, why little girls don't marry their daddies (because their fairy godmother wants him instead? If I understood the film!) Wonderful performances by Catherine Deneuve and Delphine Seyrig. I misread the question, I thought you asked about whether we hated when teachers got you spit on in class. There was a boy in eighth grade who would spit on you when you walked passed his desk. (Eighth grade seems old for this behavior, but I double-checked, and it was eighth grade.) I did get in a fight with that kid once. I think he stopped spitting after that, at least I don't remember it happening again. Before I got in the fight, I did tell the teacher about it, and from what I recall he did nothing about it. Otherwise a good teacher, but that wasn't a good moment for him. Me and the other kid were suspended for a few days (3 or 5, I don't recall). If this were true, don't you think we'd be arguing about whether Churchill actually dropped his towel in front of Stalin rather than in front of Roosevelt? How are we supposed to know whether you heard something or not? If the stuffed moose has nothing to say, then neither do I. As long as all that loss is SOLELY due to proper touching and not of the improper variety, there will be no issue. View all replies >