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Shirley Jones could have done it, but they probably did not want to pick her for EVERY Oscar & Hammerstein film. I think the ideal choice would have been Susan Hayward - gorgeous and a superb actress. True, they would have had to dub her, but all other principle actors in the film are dubbed too. IMHO, the ideal actress for the role of Nellie would have been Susan Hayward. She was gorgeous and a wonderful actress. True, they would have had to dub her voice, but they dubbed Rossano Brazzi, John Kerr, Bloody Mary (and probably others as well). I'm sorry, but Mitzi Gaynor is just an average to poor actress in my books, and it does hurt the quality off this film. It just happened to be on and I needed something to watch before falling asleep. Once I got involved, I did want to watch it, but the ads drove me nuts, so I turned it off. Oh, pardon! Of course, DR. Shirley. I agree with you xdayton: Kingsfield could give a shit. He is playing a role as "law professor", but that is all it is. I wouldn't imagine he is anything like that outside of Harvard Law School. He WAS wrongly convicted because he was actually innocent. If Tommy's evidence had made it to court, do you think the judge would have said, "Well, Mr. D., it seems you did not kill your wife, but there was loads of evidence against you and you had a bad demeanor in court, so I hold you were properly convicted and send you back to the slammer." I recently watched this film on US tv, and it drove me crazy with the amount of commercials breaking up the film. For crying out loud, the last half hour of the film took about 90 minutes to get through. It was a terrible viewing experience. For me, it was the murder of Tommy. He was such a cool guy, was young and had a great life ahead of him (he had a short sentence and did not look like a repeat offender), and he was killed for trying to do the right thing. Another stubborn person who won't listen to evidence and reason. Well, good for you. At least Ian Fleming didn't make such a bonehead error. View all replies >