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The MovieChat Awards - or - The Chatties - or - whatever the hell you want to call it After reading the current IMDB reviews for this one, I have a question: Ana de Armas looks like... When do less attractive men... Right person, wrong year... Need help finding a song. quickly SOLVED - thanks, TJ Happy 70th, Dude. Not the best... Smollett's Struggle Inspires Wolf & Co. Trudeau says he is 'deeply sorry' that idiots don't understand how to use the politics board... View all posts >


Dale Earnhardt. No magical "social media" necessary. That's right. God bless 'em all, I say. There's a difference? <spoiler>jk</spoiler> Good question. I'm not sure. Maybe, Garret Dillahunt? He's too good for FTWD. Can't believe it. That's terrible. Spot on, as usual. 6/10 The non-linear storytelling took all of the emotion out of it. Man, so do I. The only one of his that I've enjoyed is The Squid and the Whale. Haven't seen Meyerowitz yet, though. lol "devil dust". I've never used it. I like that term though. I haven't even touched a cue stick in the last decade, but 9 was always my favorite. View all replies >