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Have you ever watched a film noir? Unfortunately its not. I hoped the same thing too... I mean I could go into how how Mulholland Drive admittedly made no sense (and this is coming from a Millenial that seen the film a dozen times because i love it)but screw this guy. I guess i need reddit to talk about movies, but I dont fuck with reddit as I am an older millenial and dont understand it I just saw it and loved it. I'd say it's definitely better than 1 and 2, possibly better than 3. If you liked the trilogy, I think you'll enjoy this one I just saw it, and if you're a fan of previous purges, you'll enjoy it Yep, and it's not a crazy implausible twist like a lot of movies have. Really good flick. Personally, I thought the trailer looked trash, and had no desire to see it. But with a few weeks off between gigs, a movie pass in my pocket and this movie getting good reviews, I decided to see it and am damn happy I did Thats fair. i think a lot of stuff was kind of birthed in the late 70s/early 80s and that lead to a lot of the crazy and uniqueness to it, but then it was honed in and refined by the 90s I'm just saying that everyone trash talks the new generations, since the dawn of time, and its a stupid argument. I wish we could get a 90 year old to talk shit about how all star wars is is a cheap rip off of John Carter and Buck Rogers, and Indiana Jones was a blatant rip off of some other 1950s movie. And then someone who is like 110 comes on here to complain about all the remakes being made like the Bogart Maltese Falcon being like the 3rd or 4th version of that to be made. Every generation has culture that builds and steals from the previous generation I'm sure you were there doing the internet but only like 4 people besides you and David Lightman were... Its explosion of use and social relevance was definitely in the 90s While i am technically GenX, I am now referred to as an Xennial, now I guess.... But I have to stick up for some 90s culture here, as the 80s was pretty terrible (with the exception of punk and hip hop)... First and foremost, The Simpsons... Seinfeld, The Sopranos, Friends... Harry Potter, Gangster Rap, Grunge, Nirvana, 2Pac and Biggie. Jurassic Park was pretty damn big and help change the way movies were made. And since I have other shit to do than argue on the internet, I will end with the biggest pop culture game changer, possibly in the history of time... The fucking INTERNET