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Some weird horror I can remember right now: - Society (1989) - Tusk (2014) - Antibirth (2016) - Hotel Inferno (2013) - La Region Salvaje (2016) Nicely weird: - Hack! (2007) Disgusting, unpleasant weird: - Calvaire (2005) - The Theatre Bizarre (2011) - The ABCs of Death (2013) I totally agree with OP comment. The effect has ruined the movie Are you sure the movie isn't "It's Alive" (1974)?? Maybe Fox Trap (2016) could be added to your list Just an average slasher to me but if you're a completionist, maybe you will want to watch it No, you're not. This movie is highly overrated. And is more an action movie than an horror movie to me Miraglia? The red queen kills seven times and The night Evelyn came out of the grave The Visit Before I Wake and It Follows are pretty decent movies in my opinion I really like Oculus from Flanagan, as well Great list. Loved "As above so below" also. I would add some titles that I consider, at least deserve a chance: - The devil's candy (2017) - Siccin (2014) - At the devils door (2014) - A dark song (2016) - Inner demons (2014) Agree with your point I don't know if it fits your description, but THE ORACLE (1985) from Findlay is an horror obscure movie that I can think right now La casa muda (2010) Uruguay Very good horror movie I understand what you are saying. I'm in the same hunt. It's difficult to find something truly scary after seeing a lot of horror movies. I don't know if you will find them scary, but some movies that I find different, beside the typical "XX best scary movies" lists are: - Seventh Moon - Livid - La casa muda - Noroi: The curse - The Possession - The Pact - The possession of Michael King - Gallows Hill aka The Damned - The Den - Dorothy Mills - At the devil's door - When the lights went out - Session 9 - V/H/S I'm starting to believe that when critics and non horror fans praise an horror movie, it is highly likely that it will be a dissapointment. This overrated film is an example