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Perhaps it was the Star Trek Voyager season 1 special features; in any case, Braga himself stated in an interview that he is a huge fan of horror. We see this influence in episodes such as "The Phage", which introduced the flesh-altered Vividians, who stole bodily organs and other tissues to create skin grafts in an attempt to fight off a virus only they were susceptible towards. He did tone down these elements once he had more experience under his belt as the head writer. ~~/o/ Got to lend a voice by putting your name out there for everyone to see in the face of all kinds of feedback. Your statement is not far-fetched considering that any successful woman, who has hit the big time, must certainly be confident in themselves, especially since the entertainment industry is known for eating people alive, figuratively. ~~/o/ It seems more and more people are feeling comfortable about who they are, in the process, further de-stigmatizing the touchy subject of sexuality. ~~/o/ Brannon Braga had the dubious honor of writing this episode. It seems the best explanation out there was that he simply wanted to push boundaries outside of the usual Star Trek scope when the opportunity presented itself. It didn't help that his time in the main writer's chair was still a brand new experience, still being in tandem, potentially effecting the quality of his work. The fault here lies on the editors who allowed or severely overlooked this episode during its production before being put on screen. Paraphrasing Braga, he reportedly said of "Threshold" that it was "a steaming pile of crap." Here is a brief Star Trek review site if you're interested. Kethinov Star Trek reviews: (Threshold) http://www.kethinov.com/startrekepisodes.php?series=4&season=2&epnumber=15 Its marketing budget was huge, trying to sell loads of toys. I'm sure constant rewrites of scripts and other delays made the movie go over budget. ~~/o/ No doubt filming movies (excluding the Hong Kong film industry, who have a crazy work rate) provides a lighter schedule than working musical concert tours nonstop. Given her ongoing medical concerns, she needed to find a way to slow down without sacrificing her body or mind. ~~/o/ That's not surprising to gather, really. Given Fred Rogers's very modest personality and character, it's going to be difficult to market this film no matter the take except portraying him as realistically as possible. This is hard because everyone is watching the film to see him. ~~/o/ Even though she comes off looking like she's joined the gay rights movement only when it's convenient to do so, and not years ago when it was not as trendy or publicly fashionable, at the same time, her new self-described designation is comforting to those women who may be sexually insecure and are questioning. This is the reason behind the Q in LGBTQ, queer or questioning. Hopefully, her words are more than mere lip service, backed by action and experience. ~~/o/ You are absolutely right; Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver, The Mighty Morphin Green Power Ranger. Sometimes, you just want your hair to grow long. Because, no matter how short you can cut it, due to it being silky and fine, will still fall down in your face unless it's shaved completely off. ~~/o/ I've heard that this was a fun popcorn action movie. It was probably hurt going in by other films overstaying the girl power trend, which is not in itself a bad thing, it just needed fresh marketing. This movie could end up being a sleeper hit once it lands venues outside the box office. ~~/o/ View all replies >