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Do you think the real MJ might pop up in later films? What did Raven do with Wolvie? How did Tony survive getting stabbed? I loved it! In the battle I like how Does anyone even care? Why did that teacher keep saying OGGY OGGY OGGY? Can't they cancel this and make Kenobi instead? Write a sequel based around remaining plot elements from the books How did such a good book make such an awful movie? View all posts >


He's hardly a Gary Stu; in IV and V he was basically failing the entire time, pulling through with the help of his friends and sheer luck. Leia was awesome, everyone loved her - both in the SW universe and in real life. Padme was good - even "Mr Plinkett" in his reviews said she was a brilliant genius. She was also a sharp shooter, and would always stand her ground. Star Wars fans don't hate or dislike female characters. It's just that Rey has even less depth than Padme, and the films feel soulless and hollow. Nah, the implication is that Rimmer is such a loser he can only get laid when the woman thinks he's someone else. It's a comedy show, so the "rule of funny" applies - is someone being a rapist funny? No. Is someone being a massive loser funny? Sure! You might not think the joke landed, but that's what the scene was implying. Here's an even better idea - no more SW movies! Luke is dead. Han is dead. Leia is VERY dead. The new characters are crap. What is there to be hyped about? Spoiler tagging this, details about Patrick in the book [spoiler]Patrick in the book was a creepy weirdo. He had a fridge he would trap animals in, and let them suffocate. He also tried to give Henry Bowers a handjob. So it wouldn't be out of character for him to be creepy toward another boy. (I don't mean being gay is creepy, but Patrick was generally creepy, as was the way he hit on Henry[/spoiler] [quote]I feel it was just handed to Jodie Whittaker because of Broadchurch [/quote] While I don't like JW's portrayal of the Doctor, I don't actually have a problem with this. I think (nearly/) all of the Nu Doctors have previously worked with the respective showrunner. Probably a cat. They have more of a "self" than flies do, so I wouldn't go as insane, plus I'd be able to jump really high. He's funny and his powers are cool. Spider-Man Doctor Strange Ant Man View all replies >