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What did Raven do with Wolvie? How did Tony survive getting stabbed? I loved it! In the battle I like how Does anyone even care? Why did that teacher keep saying OGGY OGGY OGGY? Can't they cancel this and make Kenobi instead? Write a sequel based around remaining plot elements from the books How did such a good book make such an awful movie? Can someone explain for me... (spoilers) View all posts >


Probably a cat. They have more of a "self" than flies do, so I wouldn't go as insane, plus I'd be able to jump really high. He's funny and his powers are cool. Spider-Man Doctor Strange Ant Man In the UK we say cover teacher, or supply! But yes, it's the same thing. So we're just to assume that sometime between the end of that film and Apocalypse he was (re/)captured anyway? Kind of makes him being Raven a bit pointless... I'm sure he can tamper with them in his home studio or whatever - even though he sold Lucasfilm, I have no doubt he'd have the means to play with the original footage, and probably has some CGI artists who'd work for secret for him. I'm not saying it's likely to happen, but he could if he wanted to ... he just wouldn't be allowed to release it to the public, and certainly not for profit. There's just something about Lawson, she's like ... when you have a cover teacher, sometimes you like them and sometimes you know they're just a miserable bitch from the moment they walk in. She's like the cover teacher who teaches a subject you love, but she drains all the passion out of it by being a gloomy pill, and just draining any happiness from the room. I wasn't making a criticism though? I said I liked it... This is true! What else is true is what others have said, it was a bit pointless of me to start this thread in the first place... Okay, I guess people do! I'm more interested in Avengers 4, Spidey 2, and Iron Man surviving, but I guess it's cool there's gonna be a new hero... View all replies >