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I loved Meg Ryan in this Where did they get the Yellow Submarine? Olaf's shake nod to Elsa Eddie and Felicity are siblings... change my mind. Matt Damon! Amanda Peterson? Keyes is Dylan McDermot Mulroney... Diesel = Evan Peters View all posts >


"Hey Dude" was a bit of Bill Maher's standup routine a long time ago. The premise was that he went to a concert and there was a younger girl behind him singing it as Hey Dude... iiirc. The first time I saw Ruth I immediately said "that's Justin Timberlake!" I heard they were off the scale ;-) He wasn't mentally handicapped.. that was Squiggy from the "Laverne and Shirley" TV show. He's just a funny little guy. Joe vs the Volcano! JK. For me it's SiS by a nose. Better soundtrack for sure. The roles were reversed in that SiS had Meg in the stalker role vs. Tom in YGM so it's a good formula for these two. Yes! Watching it now and commented to my wife that the music choices were extremely clunky and distracting. Other rom-coms did it better; even Sleepless, but this soundtrack was horrible. No but she has other throat talents. More like a clone of Doug Savant. They don't check passports until you enter a foreign country not when you leave. ... Mark Hamill View all replies >