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It's just a sad mad old hag trying to sound sassy. "he's just, like, sooooooo not worth it" You mean, you would have no chance of actually pulling it off. She's insane. Here's a picture of a totally sane person according to "Dteam6" "but of course because one is Muslim does not mean you don’t support the Constitution." No, it's because she's a nutty insane "Democrat" Muslim that we should hate her. “This is MAGA country!” : MAGA supporters brutally beat black gay actor from 'Empire' posted a month ago by Doggiedaddy (6612) Your dad sounds about as exciting as my dad. Did he? You mean they released some vague press release condemning "racism"? That doesnt mean he looked at the stupid story in detail and believed it. Trump doesnt fall for scams. oooooooooooh! look out Oscar Wilde! This guy's about to take away your "wittiest guy" crown! OMG DID U SEE THAT GUYS? HE SAID YAWN!! OMG, ZIIIIIING!