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I've decided Germany is a cool country after all. Miracle on Evergreen Terrace Another hit-movie on someone everyone already hates? Just yet another biopic that totally lacks any of the flair that its subject(s) had. Hes a dork plain and simple. Worst part I call this movie Offee. Total. Crap. Best scene without a doubt View all posts >


"If I did, the consequences would be a lot more dire than making some idiotic comment about something you have no business talking about." What? oooh, Im scared of you and your internet threats. Jeezus christ what a cretin "Dick worshipper" Homophobe too what a dork. How would you like it if that incredibly ridiculous rule was applied to you? "If you dont like something, dont bother to comment"? If you apply your parochial little rule to everything, then W. wouldnt have been made, since the movie itself was a negative comment on W, by Oliver Stone, wasnt it? You unbelievably senile mook. "So don't bother to comment. " What? I had to comment, to vent about just how dull and pointless this kind of movie is. What kind of stupid order is that? "Don't bother to comment"? I'll comment about whatever I want to, it's called freedom of speech. I don't take orders from an absolutely pathetic little insect like you. It's absolutely frightening that someone like you is so quick to try and tell people what they're "allowed" to speak about, despite the fact that your own speech has contributed absolutely nothing except a piddly confusing little post about the movie, where no-one can even tell what you're trying to say to us. You remind me of a tedious "liberal" I knew on another forum a few years ago. You are both senile farts whose first instinct is to try and quell all dissent from what you believe to be the "correct" opinion. I'm amazed guys like you can even get out of bed and dress yourself without having some kind of catastrophe. Really really, incredibly scary. People like you should be culled to save oxygen, and to raise the general average I.Q. Who? For what? Treasure? No, it shows you how desperate British filmmakers and TV people are for any kind of gimmick to get people "talking" about their shows. Cause no-one's gonna be talking about how supposedly "entertaining" it is...that's for sure. Yes, I'm pissy because theres crap and boring stuff/people around me all the time. Like you. A guy who cant even figure out how to "reply" to the right post but still somehow expects me to read it (in this case it was just chance that I did) Go play with some wrestling dolls or whatever it is that retired male Obama groupies do. You cant even understand a simple sentence? I think you should be more bothered about letting people know you remember Denis Leary stand-up material, than blasphemy, but ok... View all replies >