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GoldenEye just because I love the N64 videogame as well. Awesome times with multiplayer mode. I believe it was the first of it's kind back then. Oh please. I only care about policies and not some stupid shenanigans that politicians did some 20 years ago. It's a personal issue. Let's talk about things that actually matter and affect our country (i.e. immigration, pipeline, economy, etc). Agreed. Also, when a former employee speaks badly of their current or former employer. I've also seen this the other way around though when I was an interview applicant and the potential employer was talking negative about a former employee. I would never work for someone who talks negative about their former employees! I'm more annoyed by his use of caps lock than the substance of his post! [url][/url] If taking Vitamin D, make sure it's the D3 form as D2 is not as good. Multivitamin. More specifically, the "Orange Triad" brand which is loaded with vitamin B12. Fish Oil Vitamin D3 Have you noticed when you take B vitamins your pee turns into a bright neon green or yellow color? Really trippy. I should start taking magnesium too. I hear it gives you vivid dreams. I think it's best to take it with calcium? Reminds me of that episode of "South Park" voting between a douche and a turd sandwich. 1. [Url][/url] 2. [url][/url] Lol at NDP winning in Alberta. Shocking. View all replies >