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Was this judge out of line? Why was Shawn such an asshole in the 90s? Post a picture of yourself Another question about online dating. Were Eddie Guerrero and Benoit secret gay lovers? Is "fast paced environment" ever a good thing in a job description? Arranged Marriages. What does it mean when someone exhibits "grace"? With the obesity crisis getting worse, how is the US military going to be able to recruit young healthy men? If someone calls you (you don't recognize the number), and they don't leave a voicemail, do you return the call? View all posts >


hawt Hawt Good point. But shitty counsellors do exist. I love deadlifts. I'm trying to do squats but they can be tough to do. Apparently, squats are the best muscle building exercise you can do. Thanks. Ditto to you. Were you doing deadlifts? How much can you lift? Interesting. Did MJ write most of the songs on 'Thriller'? I'm pretty sure he wrote 'Billie Jean' and 'Beat it'. wtf. Lol. You seem to have an obsession with gay people. You posted numerous topics on this subject matter. Is there something we should know about? 1. <Url></url> 2.<Url></url> 3.<Url></url> View all replies >