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So, does he hate Trump now? For someone who is apparently anti-gay, Schillinger sure butt-fcked alot of men. Do women prefer men with a beard or clean-shaven? "Bennifer" Should be tried for treason. Is it douchy to ask a celebrity for a photo/selfie? Brush first or floss first? I hope Trump goes back to hosting the Apprentice. So why is he brave? Is the word "must" a red flag in a job posting? View all posts >


C'mon. Nobody remembers that awful term? I thought it was rather childish. LOL. I bet he loved it. That's why he went back for some more with Schillinger. Foolish boy. Never like his father. 5-7 years in prison?! Female privilege. lol Nah... "Bad" was way better than "Thriller". If you do some digging into the cases, it's clear all his accusers had unsettled agendas and bitter money problems. Why work when you can sue Michael Jackson? Apparently, MJ is still widely downloaded and streamed online (and maybe one of top downloaded artists currently), so it looks like the allegations didn't hit him badly at all. Have you seen the video? [url][/url] I would say the best dance video I've ever seen. Very entertaining. WWE hasn't been good since the Attitude era. Attitude Era were the golden years. View all replies >