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Not unless it's authentic frontier gibberish. Yes, it means it's proven. It also says a lot about the intelligence and character of a president if they can't help themselves from behaving in such a way. If something being proven doesn't mean much then I'm not surprised. I get that you latched onto the word "publicly" to imply that Obama bullied, threatened and mocked in private, regardless of any supporting evidence. Unfortunately for you I recognise this for the cheap shot it is, which should be expected from a fanatical Trump supporter/Obama hater. Because for that type of person politics is like sport, where adherence to 'the cause' comes before any considerations of truth or decency. Had a comedian done it about Obama, they would have been doing it about someone who didn't spend his presidency publicly bullying, threatening and mocking people. Great for those for whom 'It's a Wonderful Life' just isn't quite schmaltzy enough. Nice to see someone admitting (albeit unwittingly) that most of the time they're wrong. I'll take the one who looks like Anne Hathaway over the one who looks like Dennis the Menace. That makes no sense, the people who settled the land and fought the Indians aren't even heroes in this film. Buffalo Bill, on the other hand, depicted here as being against that behaviour, would be loved by Howard Zinn and his "revisionist ilk". Not sure where you got the idea the film claimed to be telling things the way they really were. Although it wasn't a very good film, your complaint seems to boil down to being upset that things aren't simplistically black and white, which isn't much cop either. If John Ford said "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend" this film seemed to be saying "When the legend becomes fact, you have the right to change the legend". More like he predicted the past. Viruses existed before 2011, people have been making films about them for decades. In fact he didn't even predict the past because he didn't write the script anyway; he just made another tedious colour-coded film about a subject with lots of potential. If you have to give credit, give it to Scott Z. Burns or the virologists and epidemiologists who provide the substance. Thanks for the report, OP. We can take this as proof that most people are indeed more intelligent than the president. View all replies >