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He’s a celebrity in that he’s not the president he just plays one on tv? 🤔 never heard that one. FYI - Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are 5’7. I use their app to listen to the reports that interest me. I used to listen to NPR in my car but lately it seems they are always going on and on about something boring (for me), like bluegrass music festivals or slam poetry. They do have their own style of talking that comes off as condescending, very slow with weird cadences. It’s better than starting with RICH. Yes, great show. He was evil in that. Lena Heady’s script for this season could fit on a post-it note. Lots of scenes of Cersei staring out balconies and ramparts but minimal to zero vocabulary uttered. What were her last words? “i don’t want to die” ? Sheesh, Missandei went out with more guts and glory. RIP Grumpy (real name Tarder Sauce). Hope you find your smile over the Rainbow Bridge. I have a theory that Dany will order a Dracarus! on Jon, but Drogon will refuse to kill the true Heir to the Iron Throne. I also think the show could end with the birth of blue eyed girl baby far far in the North, the Queen of the Night. And so would begin the cycle again. No they didn’t survive. [quote]By the time the men surfaced from under the reactor, all three were showing signs of severe radiation poisoning. Tragically, none of them survived for more than a few weeks. Like other victims of the Chernobyl disaster, the three men were buried in lead coffins.[/quote] RIP. I loved his shuffling old man bit. Conway & Korman bits were the best. Hats off to Mr Conway. 💐🎩👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 View all replies >