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Oh that is so sad and lovely at the same time. Sad for the loss, but heartwarming to see posters on here sharing memories and honoring the life of a fellow poster. Sometimes I think this is such a lifeless space, but there are real people in here, sharing a real part of themselves. RIP Dewey. Sorry I did not get to know you like others did. Unbelievable (2019). Toni Collette, Merritt Wever and the whole cast. No, and I don’t think it’s heroic to track down the rightful owner. It is merely the right thing to do, but I’ve seen these so-called heroes lauded in the news for doing just that. Big whoop, you’re not a crook at heart, here’s a medal 🥇 By the end of episode 2, I knew I was going to binge the whole thing. No regrets, but I might go back and pace out a slower rewatch. So well done. If a guy goes out of his way to buy flowers, hold doors, etc then eventually the girl is going sniff out that this might be some kind of act or pretense. They back off because they think they are being conned. That’s probably why some women fall for assholes. They think these guys are more readable and honest about who they are. Some may also feel empowered if they can convert a beast and turn him into a prince. Readymade princes to them mean that some other girl already got to him, and is probably still in his heart. Blame Disney fairy tales. Hilarious? Are you sure you’re doing it right? That eye is not as clear but it can still read signs, etc Absolutely. There is nothing dignified, romantic or heartwarming about the White House right now. Seeing films about an imaginary good President might even be depressing. Walk out of the theater and we’re still stuck with Trump. However, I like the idea of Sydney running or already being elected President. Maybe she can be the widow this time - I know, sad but hear me out - and date an ordinary guy. No problem with my distance vision. Just reviewing the film Puzzle and had a thought. What other films are there that revolve around mundane things? View all replies >