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Habit Burger have the best fries imo. McDonalds fries are a classic but have to be eaten while they are hot. Habit’s fries are still tasty into the lukewarm end of the dinner. Art house cinema have audiences that come to see the movie and appreciate film. Annoying people go to commercial cinemas to see Marvel films and such, and do things like... - use their cell phones during the film, include keeping the bright screen on which shines like a head-on flashlight beam in the dark room - talk, talk, talk. They talk to each other like they are watching tv at home. - eat smelly foods (onions, fried chicken, nachos), and lick their fingers loudly, then leave greasy trash on the seats, spill sticky sodas on the floor - smoke weed. Yes, I live in a weed state and have smelled the skunk burning in the theater - Bring their babies to the late show. These poor kids cry, fidget. Who can blame them? It’s midnight. - crinkling plastic candy bags. Not just once to open it, but constantly diving their hand into the bag to keep a steady flow of chewy candy to their gaping mouths. - suck the chewy candy out of their teeth, making high pitched whistling sounds. - farting, burping, sneezing, coughing Please don’t let me stop you from enjoying this lovely society of cinema dwellers. Unless your home theater has IMAX, no. I rarely go to the cinema because most of the ones near me are filthy and filled with annoying people. I will go only to see films that have to be seen in IMAX tobe fully appreciated. The lights in the bathroom were on? My guess is someone was sneaking around and cleaning up but doesn’t want to own up to it. I have had phases that last from a few weeks to a month where I keep experiencing weird coincidences. Then it all goes away. For instance.. -In my car, singing a song out of the blue then switching on the radio and that very song is playing, and at the very same place in the song where I left off - using a rarely used word like “meritricious” then someone on tv says that word two seconds later - remembering some obscure old news story from 20 years that relates to nothing current in particular then suddenly it pops up all over media the next day. - talking about an old friend I haven’t heard from in years, then getting an email from them out of the blue. - having a dream about a puppy and my brother, then finding out the next day my brother just got a puppy and never mentioned wanting to get a puppy before. I saw what I regard as a UFO once, because I (nor anyone I was with which included some folks in the aerospace industry) could identify it either. At first we thought it was a satellite or the ISS but it was not flying straight. It was moving along a trajectory but was also doing a lot of stop and goes and small loopy turns. If anyone has any idea what that could have been, please explain. Thanks for all the great answers. Many of the films I haven’t seen yet! Good one. I love that film! Has the late great Pete Postlewaite in it. Good one. I forgot that scene. Cool! View all replies >