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I saw Star Wars at the Drive in, in 1977 I like the original three movies. Most of the output since then is shit. I make an exception for Rogue One, and Solo which are decent. And of course, The Mandalorian which is Excellent. Who's Brie Larson? Get over what? I really don't care that much about Star Wars. The first three were some of my favorite movies as a youth. The "star wars" movies that have come out since 1998 are pretty much total garbage in comparison (except Rogue One and maybe Solo). It makes me happy to see The Mandalorian being true to that old Star Wars universe. And it sucks to have to see that dumb #$%@ Kathleen's name at the beginning of each episode. She is directly responsible for the worst Star Wars movies ever made. I would bet she had very little to do with the development of The Mandalorian. You guys crack me up Star Wars sucked ass for 20+ years until The Mandalorian showed up. Agreed, rebirth. Aside from Rogue One, and maybe Solo it's the only good Star Wars since the OT. And it's not just good, it's Excellent. She didn't do it. She's lucky it came along to save her ass. Fair point. But it is far more than that limitation that went wrong with the movies. "epic films" More like epic facepalms. I have less than zero interest in any of the films since the OT, except maybe Rogue One. The Mandalorian on the other hand, I look forward to every new episode. The Mandalorian saved Star Wars as far as I'm concerned. Agreed, what a great surprise. It's cool to have some "Star Wars" that's true to the original trilogy. I'm almost through ep2 it's getting very whiny Whining cringe festival. Wickerman with whining. No Whining! You are most unexcellent. View all replies >