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Ahhh yes, June 19. The great day that the Rosenbergs went to see Old Sparky at Sing Sing Prison in 1953!! George Floyd would be alive if he was where he was supposed to be---in PRISON. Yep, and a cartoon and a newsreel George Floyd had the Corona virus. Its just another viral death. Just like the 104 year old woman in a nursing home who dies and its attributed to the virus. Maybe Floyd would have survived had he been healthy? Anyway, that's the defense Im using if Im the defense attorney. Watch. The way Sheen eyes Corey's body in the locker room scene, creepy. yeah thats really weird Reminded me of a movie Kevin Zegers did when he was that age or about. "Bram Stokers Shadowbuilder". Kevin's character is tied spread-eagled to an altar as a sacrifice to the demon. Kind of intense. The Stand, Hearts in Atlantis, Pet Semetary. and the four novellas in Different Seasons that was his funniest bit, he even worked it into his act. Something with a Zippo lighter lol thanks, i just discovered that both my smart tvs dont support cbs all access, View all replies >