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A new more faithful adaptation of the book is needed. Why didn't Leia simply call off the bombers herself? Is this film really a Fight Club scenario? They didn't have to revive Palpatine. They had the Knights of Ren, they would have been decent villains. the 1979 film is not a post- or pre-apocalypse fiction. It's just dystopian. Did they use deepfake technology for that flashback scene? Spoilers. Why did THAT kiss feel so incestuous? (SPOILERS) The movie is really not bad at all. RT Audince Score is pretty high. What gives? Rian Johnson should have done the 3rd installment too View all posts >


It was made on a 3.3 million production budget, so that alone makes it very profitable. Dunno, maybe if it went for a wider release, it would have broken through its shoestring budget, who knows... well, you've heard of a notion of the antihero I hope. Women think men's role is to work his ass off to support them. They hide behind the kids, but in fact it's all for the wife, so she may enjoy material well-being. Even kids are reared so that eventually they may take over the father's role, after the overworked bastard dies at, like, 56, from a heart attack, and so she may be further provided for. well characters are the most important thing. Plot points are different, but compare the consequences, the body count, the nature of the main character Rambo, who is way more out of whack than Sly's version, etc. So ending, MAIN characters are different, the time when it's set is different, but the events are pretty similar (and they are certainly not BTW). Do you sometimes read back yourself what you post, man? No, that's exactly what it is. High Plains Drifter more specifically is Jesus going through "the harrowing in Hell" phase between his crucifixion and resurrection, but he definitely is a symbolic representation for people's guilt and fallibility. At least I see it that way. And precisely because of that it is my most favorite one. In order to have this high-octane car and bike culture of people driving at full throttle, you need to have some kind of civilisation in place, the one that will maintain the roads, transport supply fuel to the gas stations etc. The subsequent sequels in that respect are less believable for me. Better explained by environmental degradation. Another staple of 1970s dystopian fiction. OK is it stated somewhere that they are under radio silence? It's been a while since I last saw it. since I'm critiquing it as a reactionary phenomenon, than I can't be counted as one. View all replies >