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Did they use deepfake technology for that flashback scene? Spoilers. Why did THAT kiss feel so incestuous? (SPOILERS) The movie is really not bad at all. RT Audince Score is pretty high. What gives? Rian Johnson should have done the 3rd installment too 'Rise of Skywalker' is the worst reviewed 'Star Wars' movie since 'Phantom Menace' RT Critics Consensus slams the movie for lack of imagination and shameless fan service! RT score is officially fresh with 60% at 95 reviews! RT 59% at 88 reviews!! Failure of TROS is that it's not TLJ!!! Oh fanbois are gonna love it then! View all posts >


Dunno but I like what I've read here: I think he was going for the same thing Standartenführer Hans Landa was looking for in Inglourious Basterds: clemency (or total absolution) in return for collaboration with the enemy. To me, thy felt like bro-sis all along. That "expiration date" issue for the women in the industry is a valid point. However, the question here is about her immediate future. She's 27 now, so how will it work out for her in the next couple of years? She looks very much like a dirty, dirty girl who likes to do bad, bad things. I can only quote Ivan Drago here, "If he dies, he dies." I have no sympathy for cowardly directorial decisions that seem to have plagued TROS. Disney makes the movie, but it does so by placating the half-witted fans. And this is what you get in the end in terms of quality. You people are pathetic. Well, TLJ stands at 91%, and this one's down in the 50s! So, your point is invalid. At the moment I'm pondering to petition the Library of Congress to add The Last Jedi to the National Film Registry for its cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance. Yeah well that's the point, TLJ is an audacious movie. But no, you fanbois couldn't take it. You just wanted some mediocre romp. It seems you've got one now. View all replies >