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You're totally right. Out of protest I won't watch the 8th episode. I bet it was a last minute committee decision. Only that can explain the stupidity and bogusness of that plot twist. They are the only couple that have some real chemistry going for them and the studio had to ruin it. And the media wen't insane praising it for being woke and bold, but the decision was disastrous in my opinion. They ruin shows by shoehorning wokeness into the script instead of weaving it into the story organically from the beginning. Not a shill. For one thing, I hate the prequels. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. But let's face it. TLJ was a good movie, with a lot of heart put in it. A lot of the internet hate has been artificially inflated by sinister propaganda by the likes of Russian trolls (it has been proven). The relevant opinion polls of theater audiences before the negative campaign have shown a generally favorable attitude. And, it garnered 91% at Rotten Tomatoes, which says something. Some movie franchises are too big and do get extra credit (Remember Ebert awarding 3 stars to the ridiculous TPM), but 91% aggregated across all the crits anywhere does say something. Sure, movie had it's weaknesses, most notably the Finn/Rose subplot, but in general the film was bold, had an idea what it wants to do and subjects it wanted to tackle, and at least in my case, it made me feel about the characters. Whatever they say on the internet, I stick to what I felt when leaving the theater the first time I saw it: I was blown away. What's your problem? LOL sure, I'm just a troll. Plus I didn't blame my dissatisfaction on one bad CGI. I perhaps would have tolerated it if the rest of the show didn't suck so bad! A neutral zone 'must be much more open society?' The one where the bounty hunters hunt renegade Jews for the Nazis. No, I don't think so. The Neutral zone is a cesspool even worse than the flanking regimes combined, although a less organized one. The openness of gay love in the series is yet another example of shoddy writing and poor world-building. "You yourself?" A person inhabiting a world with omnipresent information channels and abundance of content justa about everything? (And yet you still confuse bar mitzvah with bat mitzvah). Compare that to a technologically way more inferior world of two oppressive totalitarian regimes neither one of which would be keen on spreading the info on Jewish festivities. This is a case of a poor world-building. "Oh you should have seen me, a grown man, at my Bar Mitzvah, LOL!" A weak argument. Nothing in the series had previously established that Juliana would be familiar with the Mitzvah ceremonies. Who knows, maybe inside of that totalitarian society, there would have been an opportunity for her to even attend one of them, but it didn't. It's just a shoddy writing, if you ask me. Oh man, that's just sophistry. A grown man, undergoing those bizarre surgeries and wearing tons of makeup that makes him look like a Vegas showgirl, having children live with him in his mansion. Oh, don't tell me, it was because he felt all this LOVE for them, right? I personally concur. The movie doesn't shy away from compromising the moral makeup of the hero. He's confronted with harsh people, and it definitely takes a toll on his attitudes and behavior. This is what actually happens to people in real life. People are malleable. View all replies >