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Main problem: expository verbosity Mostly a misfire Please stop hating on Kathleen Kennedy Why did the villain have to go through such trouble Reverence for Thomas Smith martyrdom?! How does Juliana know what a Bar Mitzvah is???? A silly premise Season Three out in October - here's the trailer A desegregated unit in WWII? It would have been much better if...*spoilers* View all posts >


Well the Russian trolls also had Trump elected. Or at least helped him get elected. Nor about flat earth or moon hoax LOL You are so correct, which is why there is zero chemistry between him and one of the hottest actresses ever, Amber Heard, on screen. I think yes. There are such 'plant & payoffs' throughout the movie: Wil Smith gets the NASA letter, so we learn of his desire to fly to space - and eventually he does; Bill Pullman is taking the flak for his indecisiveness early in the movie so that we can witness him transforming into a responsible leader; etc. I know right? I mean instead of making one movie that costs them 500 million (production and marketing costs), why not make 10 smart films for 50 mil each? And finally start spending some money on writers: the most essential peace in the puzzle. It's beyond me to think how a business model that greenlits half a billion dollars for a movie, but neglects its story, can be viable. But looks like it is, otherwise they wouldn't be making this kind of romp. Right...that kind of makes sense. I guess he really hated the surface dwellers because of...the garbage. :/ OH come on. First off, Frank was no source on Jewish customs because he was hiding his origins, and only upon meeting Mark Samson did he first start to uncover the hitherto unknown culture. Juliana, on the other hand, would have known even less even if Frank had shared the little he had known. Despite all that, at the dinner table scene she was as amused about the Bar Mitzvah story as though she had a complete mental picture in her head about how the custom should be, and there's a very slant chance she had even heard about it. It was so fake. You don't get it, Kent's "disguise" is a perfectly internally consistent piece of narrative: heroes hide in plain sight as people pay little heed to other people, particularly to lowly clerks or bespectacled journalists like he is. I personally find this brilliant. It had a definite alt right feel. I agree with your praise of the film, but wouldn't put it at #1, but rather at #2 after ESB. View all replies >