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How did the police know that Richie would be in the chop shop? Was Victor going to shoot Jenny Summers? Who was the main villain of the film? When Hugo Martinez said that he was going to make an example of Gabrielle did he mean to kill her? I doubt that they overdosed all the sex slaves, because if they overdosed them, they wouldn't be able to work Why did Rambo kill Hugo Martinez instead of Gizelle who sold Gabrielle out, and the guy who abducted her? Using her son as an assassin was a crime Why wasn't Syd in this one? Is she a nice person? View all posts >


Shaft was a villain? Why do you say that? SO was Gordito the main bad guy/villain despite that he played a minor role? What did it make clear? And why did Rambo go after Hugo instead of the guy at the bar who kidnapped Gabrielle in the first place? No way. Cyrus only killed people who were obsticles in his escape. Castor Troy killed people he didn't have to. Cyrus also saved Guard Bishop from getting raped. So Castor Troy is far more evil in my book. 1. Crisp wasn't planning to kill Dominic. He just wanted to scare Kimble away. I mean he only pulled a gun on Dominic only when Kimble showed up. 2. Well, Kimble was just scared, so he did what he felt would save the boy's life. 3. Kimble did what he felt would save the boy's life. 4. I don't understand what you mean. I would say far more evil. I mean Castor Troy killed people that he didn't have to. Whereas Cyrus only killed people who were an obstacle in his escape. Hence according to what I consider evil, Castor Troy was far more evil than Cyrus. Also Castor Troy enjoyed hurting people more than Cyrus did. Cyrus put a do not open label on the bomb in his jailcell. Castor Troy killed a guy just to take his boat. Far worse than Cyrus. I disagree. When you feel that you or your loved one is in danger, you might not make the best decisions, but you act purely instinctively. You don't have the option to weigh all the alternatives. You act purely instinctively. So they gave their hostages more drugs so they couldn't react. Is that correct? But she did die from overdose. When they overdosed Gabrielle do you think it was under Hugo's order since he was the boss? View all replies >