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I doubt that Richie loved his girlfriend Who was more evil? Rane or Screwface from Marked For Death? Do you think that Isabel's revenge was justified? Was Dennis Hopper more evil in Speed or in Waterworld? Dr Varnick got off too easy compared to his two minions Do you think that Isabel Aretas was evil or misunderstood? Who was more evil? Isabel Aretas or Rev-9 from Terminator Dark Fate? Who was more evil? Isabel Aretas or Ivan Korshunov from Air Force One? Was Dewey also evil? Or was he only corrupt? Why did Mike and Julie want to avenge Maxie's murder if Fouchet only killed her because he had to? View all posts >


Well maybe the experimental drugs harmed him in the long run so maybe he got a bigger commeuppance after all. Maybe they gave him a mental retardation or infertility or who knows what. I agree. And who do you think was more evil? Howard Payne or Ivan Korshunov from Air Force One? Yes I meant Dennis Hopper. My bad. I don't know if I can fix it now. In which of the two was he more evil? And he was only doing his job. Yeah I meant Dennis Hopper. Let me fix it if it's not too late. One million percent agree my friend. Plus people can protect themselves without being mandated. When will people realize that they use the virus as an excuse for taking away our freedoms and human rights? When will people realize that? Because if that happened, everything would be over, and there would be no movie. Sounds very reasonable to me. Exactly. Also I don't think that they wanted to avenge him out of love. It was out of greed because he was their own offspring. It's like the nazis in the war, that if a German nazi was killed by a Greek, the German nazis would kill 100 Germans in return. Even if the Greek who actually killed the German didn't even get a scratch. It was only to show that they are stronger. If it was out of love, they would try to find out who actually shot their son and only go after that person. But Frank's intention wasn't to have him killed. View all replies >