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That was Girl Happy. That was when they went down to Fort Lauderdale to keep an eye on this gangster's daughter. Shelley Fabares played the girl. That was a good movie. Yeah, I liked the mini-series. I also liked the one where Kurt Russell played Elvis. It was a 1979 TV movie. Good movie. Kurt Russell did a great job. The one with the homesteaders is Follow That Dream. The movie was okay. I love the song. Great song. Floyd was in that one. He works in the bank they think Elvis is trying to rob. I liked how Elvis acts like a dumb hillbilly in the movie, but in the end, you find out he's not so dumb when he outsmarts one of the villains in court. Floyd was also in Blue Hawaii and Fun in Acapulco. Was the movie about Elvis being a struggling musician in color or black and white? I noticed Turner Classic Movies isn't showing one of his movies. They decided to make it Miriam Hopkins Day. Today was the day we lost Elvis. They should be showing [i]his[/i] movies. I can't believe its been 41 years. I still have my collection. I watched King Creole before. Right now I'm watching Roustabout. Stay with you? I wish I could stay with them. They lost me a long time ago. Body of Evidence was very kinky with a lot of nudity. I also didn't think her acting was that good in it. She won me over in Dick Tracy. I remember the scene in Dick Tracy when they're on the dock and she's trying to tell him how much she wants him and she wants him to admit he wants her too and he won't. snepts (97), I read she's Italian on her father's side. On her mother's side, she's French-Canadian. We're definitely on the same page. I agree with everything you just said. I too, won't listen to that album knowing where he recorded it. It's like going to Nicole Brown's house and recording music where she was murdered with Ron Goldman. Or it's like going to the top of the Texas observatory tower with a guitar and writing songs from where Charles Whitman, the Texas Sniper, shot everyone from. It's far-fetched that he's even going to escape from the asylum, but won't they be expecting him over in good old Haddonfield? The freakin National Guard should be waiting there for him. I mean come on. Maybe Michael Myers can fly in this one. Maybe he escapes and flies to Haddonfield instead of driving. Or maybe he can teleport. Was he really furious that he lost? I didn't see Bobby Darin's performance in Captain Newman, M.D. , but I did see the movie Hud and Melvyn Douglas only had one great scene in the whole movie. That was it. I didn't know you could win an Oscar for one scene. I'll have to check Darin's performance out. In the movie, when Sandra Dee says something about Melvyn Douglas dying, I think Bobby Darin says, "He's dying? I'm the one dying! Way before he was dying, I was dying." I'm curious now if this was true. She does work well with a lot of guys. I thought she had good chemistry with Stallone in Demolition Man. But I didn't think she had good chemistry at all with Ben Affleck in Forces of Nature. I thought she went well with Matthew McConaughey though in A Time to Kill. As far as having the best chemistry, I'd have to say Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. View all replies >