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Man, talk about a movie that had so much wrong with it The PC bullshit is getting old So is Antman going to do it? Captain Marvel Monday box office drop worse than Batman vs Superman Video exposes the fake numbers, reviews, and empty theaters for Captain Marvel Proof liberals are complete idiots Why do blacks keep defending this sick bastard? What would have made this AWESOME YouTube changes its algorithms to hide negative videos pertaining to Brie Larson and Captain Marvel. View all posts >


Ah you're right totally forgot about that part of the movie. Thanks for clearing that up! 1) I was wondering the same thing about point number 1. Why didn't they just change the color of the pickup with a new paint job or just get a new vehicle for him to drive every time he took a shipment? 2) Same thing, why not just locate every black pickup in the parking lot and run the plates on it and stake out until Clint went to the truck in the morning? 3) They didn't have his full name or any other information about him, they just knew he was running drugs for them. It'll be called 10 to 2 with runs to the bathroom and nap time. Or the Bataclan shooting, read up on what they did to those poor people, or the church in France where they beheaded the priest...all of it was gone from media in a short time. Since when is a religion a race? Jesus people like you are fucking stupid. Awesome trailer until Captain Marvel ruined it in the end. Diffrent Strokes was set in the rich white projects. Yep, a scandal involving a bunch of rich entitled liberals. Yeah, there's an after credits scene where she makes Thanos a sandwich and then complains about her foot fungus. You're basing an opening weekend on "success" look at the OVERALL numbers after it's been out for a few weeks, not opening weekend you moron. Jesus you Marveltards are idiots. View all replies >