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New photos show Epstein and Maxwell were VIP guests of Clinton in 1993 They should have had a sequel to Fargo They cry out in fear when you strike them. RIP. They need to somehow work the Hebrew Hammer into season 3 Dobby's death Save your money Went from being a 5'1 cutie to a 5'1 manlet Congrats Ellen on admitting you have a mental disorder. I COULD BE WRONG I COULD BE RIGHT View all posts >


I like to think that Walt Jr. opened up a bed and breakfast and became the breakfast king of the southwest. He wore a coconut condom So that is worthy of her being fired? Back to your corner. What was so stupid about it she's right you can't speak your opinion if you are conservative otherwise you are ostracized and persecuted. What she said is absolutely 100% true and a bunch of butt hurt morons who are the majority in hollywood, media, banking, and other areas act like someone backstabbed their grandmother and tossed them in an oven. Touche' my friend..Touche' The freak lizard baby scared the crap out of me LOL I did, we thought it was creepy and cool for the time...talked about it in junior hs next day. I'd buy that for a dollar. Oh really? I had it and 4 members of my family had it. 100% full recovery and few symptoms. Why? We're all healthy and not fat asses like 40% of the nation is. So you can rehash your lies and bullshit too. I couldn't tell you my ears are still bleeding from Dunkirk. View all replies >