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Stories of his that should be made into movies/remade Things from the book that didn't make the movie (possible spoilers) I'M WALKING HERE!! This movie will make a ton of money Best portrayal of Satan in a movie? No murders, carjackings, robberies, shootings, stabbings When trans people die and go to heaven do the appear as their original sex? BRUCE..HIS NAME IS BRUCE. Judith was freaking hot So who did Akeem sow his wild oats with? View all posts >


IT: Chapter Two was almost 3 hours long. Sure, tell that to porn stars. Too much plastic surgery can do that. I was simply making a post so people could put what was missing from the movie you narcissistic twat. Oh no a bunch of short haired fat dykes are butt hurt. F off. Scary because someone was mentally deranged enough to have their dick turned inside out to make a freak show of a vagina? No, not scary...pathetic. Hello....Newman! Rocky should have throat punched that alcoholic prick before he fought Drago. You think King Kong would want Leslie Jones? Yep, I remember it well there was one incident where a guy was shot because he refused to allow the shooter to wash down his Big Kahuna Burger with his tasty beverage. View all replies >