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Does anyone think that this season will somehow tie into season 1? **SPOILERS** Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $116 BILLION a year They should have called it On the Basis of Race It's 2019 Drumpf is REALLY finished now REEEEEEEE!!! Butt hurt DC fans will be obliterated when Captain Marvel, Avengers 4 and Spiderman blow this movie out of the water 2 1/2 hour movie that should have been 90 minutes Does Michael Rooker get a cameo? The protests have everything to do with the migrants and nothing to do with the tax Wow this movie really sucked They could have EASILY had Wolverine in this movie View all posts >


Sanford and Son was kind of set in the projects. Yeah they said the same about Ben Affleck after Gigli. Veronica Vaughn...sooooo hot, want to touch the heiny! I've been saying this for the past three seasons. We'll see...and you'll be here crying and making excuses when they do. Yeah, you're a traitor...that's what I thought....get lost. How many illegals have you welcomed into your home? I'll wait..... And I'm sure you laugh and celebrate every American citizen who gets killed by an illegal immigrant. Bet you danced in the street when the cop was killed the other day by an illegal. I didn't want to elect a woman who is married to a known rapist that goes to Caribbean island hideaways with kiddie diddlers. 11. When the President addresses the rebuilding of the nation after the waters recede, everyone in the crowd stands like a listless zombie while canned cheering plays. 12. Someone can drive from MSNBC HQ in Washington D.C. all the way up to Martha's Vineyard to get smacked by a mega tsunami View all replies >