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What was the point in having the tard kid? 7 of the 11 most polluted rivers are in Asia Potato. 65% on Rotten Tomatoes "I can't talk too long, I gotta poop" The blackmail note pretty much blew it for me To sum up this movie Wasted two hours of my life They should have sent Forest Whitaker in to confront the aliens Why can't bio pics EVER get it right? View all posts >


Honk honk bitch. MAGA 2020 Spit my coffee out thanks for the laugh. That and she's not a goyim. Sorry moron, they are a religion... So I guess Sammy Davis Jr. is not black because he converted? Get bent you liberal fuck. Sorry if facts hurt your feelings, and it has nothing to do with being a Nazi. Jews are a religion, not a race. He won't get locked up because 1) He's white 2) He's not a goyim I fapped hard to this scene in the theater. Rapestonia. Gilligan's Island BOY BOY GIRL GIRL!! Just use a coconut or a shoebox. View all replies >