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If Andy Garcia and Adrian Brody had a kid. Grandpa Joe was a useless lazy bastard Would have been a better movie if they had gone further back in her history Can't stand musical movies Movie was better than the Avengers by far There was a planned sequel but it didn't pan out Would the new Bond films had been better with Henry Cavill as Bond? Disney making tranny bounty hunter series He was the hardest hitting cornerback since Joe Montana! Could Jake have brought Sadie to 2016? View all posts >


He was frozen in ice and then discovered by SHIELD and thawed out and became Captain Volleyball...later on he ended up fighting against his former friend turned arch nemesis The Winter Spaulding. During the course of the Civil War comic book storyline, it is revealed that Natasha and Bucky actually had a relationship when both were training to be operatives. Will the baby's dad Dan Schneider be there? Obama didn't have an issue with it he was the one who had the cages built. How about just shutting up and making me a damn sandwich? You mean the one who married her brother and how is connected to dealings with the middle east? Well then I hate you, come lick my herpes infected taint. Sorry I got this comment late I was bleaching my sheets and buying a new cross to burn. Stupid liberal fucks who bring up the KKK when it hasn't been relevant since the 1970's are the same people who blame whites for slavery when blacks sold their own kind into slavery and Islam still practices slavery yet says nothing about it. Go fuck yourself in your lgbtq ass. Hey Norton come over here I gotta tell you something!! HAA HAAAAAA But they commit the overwhelming majority of terror attacks. Also Sweden would like to have a word with you. View all replies >