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The moral of this movie... Norm MacDonald loves him His best role was when he was on Jackass I just watch the Jumani movies for one thing What would Kenny Rogers be doing today if he was still alive? Top 3 Roles? Top 3 Roles? Top 3 Roles? Top 3 Roles Top 3 rolls View all posts >


Did you even watch the movie? You had to have some way to tell the origin story of Joker and this was well done and explains why he is the way he is later on in the DCEU. Also they could have done the same with Quicksilver. Excellent point! Why couldn't they just do that they could have gone back and brought her from any one of the movie timelines up until End Game. This is a Donald Trump thread, not an Amy Schumer one. Or screaming and beating on the door in the cadaver drawer. She was smoking hot in X-Men First Class. Unless it's Beatrix Kiddo returning and Tarantino directing it, not interested. This one is undoubtedly their worst by far...I cringe every time I hear it. God I hope it's not her I'd lose all respect for Akeem if he had sex with that ugly thing. She was hilarious as Leonard's mother on BBT. View all replies >