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Movie poster annoys the piss out of me RIP Denise First end credit scene (Spoiler) Looks like a more masculine more butch Sandy Duncan What dumbass is going to vote for him after tonight? Too many white villains when are they going to do a Muslim rape grooming gang? Ending was absolutely stupid Dumb punk ass bitch John Wick 4: Bill and Ted Face the Continental Jake Gyllenhaal: It's all in the eyes View all posts >


Yes, it was reported three days ago that script writing for National Treasure 3: Electric Boogaloo was starting and principal photography to start in early 2020. And maybe you're a complete shit head that doesn't respect other people's opinions. That's why there's the ignore button ASSHOLE. A Down's Syndrome Bond would rock. Yep that's it..they should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making me a sandwich. Thanks for assuming dumbass. Yeah and if there' isn't a backstory showing Bruce Wayne's parents being killed for the 200th time there's no Batman. And he didn't go to the pedo island two dozen times like Bill Clinton, PRESIDENT. Ummm maybe because of what happened to the Cree in Captain Marvel? You did watch ALL the end credit scenes right? In and out of rehab since the 90's. No, remove Sandman from the movie because he was lame as shit. Keep Venom in the movie, have him and Harry team up with each other to take down Peter, and the big showdown at the end still could have happened. And Obama is a Muslim. View all replies >