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4th Thor movie...still no Beta Ray Bill? Episode 3 (Spoilers Duh!) Negative Speedforce? No screentime for Bruce Wayne in the series finale. OMFG another Moclan-centric episode. Klingon's Hairdo season 2 Tilly's forehead mole... Is this the movie? Lauren's Hot as Hell!!! Confused View all posts >


I loved Game Night, such a fun movie. Jessie killed his part. I loved it. I especially loved the end credits scene with a thoroughly laid out plan on a board :D "I want mah dudder" - the episode... "can I make you a sammich while you re-fit it for me? XOXO" over site? At this point you gotta be doing this on purpose, man... One tweak and it immediately gets so much better dialoguewise: "It will be - when it fits me"... Your title gave me an aneurysm. I couldn't read anything past. Whine, Barry, Whine! I rolled my eyes so hard watching the trailer that they got lodged upright permanently. I'm now legally blind. They migrated South during the winter. But why not stay there full-time? Shouldn't there be more food options anyways? Ha-Ha! Maggie's procedural cop show shat its pants. Guess she isn't as popular outside of TWD to carry a show. LOLOLOLOLO. View all replies >