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Episode 3 (Spoilers Duh!) Negative Speedforce? No screentime for Bruce Wayne in the series finale. OMFG another Moclan-centric episode. Klingon's Hairdo season 2 Tilly's forehead mole... Is this the movie? Lauren's Hot as Hell!!! Confused Iron Fist (Spoilers) Duuuuuh. View all posts >


That was dumb as fuck. She wasn't fast enough? WTF! So, Future Man is not good enough for you? Are you serious? I don't think he did tho. I don't think Homelander has superspeed, so he probably blocked out the explosion only for Billy. Well, Seth Rogen also produced "Future Man" and it was totally bonkers! Holy moly, did you watch "Future Man" yet? He gave me fucking chills, man, you could tell he's just barely keeping it civil on the surface and holding himself back from doing more fucked up shit all the time. Top notch acting. Noice. The bad superheroes have a Latino Aquaman ripoff, Black Flash ripoff and Black Snake Eyes ripoff. Dunno, it looks like they chose the best blonde guy to play the Villain, dude IS a certified psychopath. I remember watching that movie where Godzilla loses to Mechagodzilla and then a Pterodactyl (forgot monster name) comes and revitalizes Godzilla back to full health. It was such a treat, I loved it. Also the one where Mothra and Battra fight each other too. Was great! View all replies >