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Depressing AF Kaley Cuoco is overbearing... NLM The Main Man artsy shmartsy scene transitions why? Slow Mo scenes and excessive action ruined this movie. Oh, wow! What a movie! Absolute breakout role for Nicole Brydon Bloom! Jar Jar Abraams got Chris Terrio to co-write this... The Editor of this movie should be fired...with a fucking GUN! 4th Thor movie...still no Beta Ray Bill? View all posts >


In Russian language both Gender and Sex are under the same word "POL" and it encompasses every meaning of the word from biological to psychological. 2nd season was too much tween love triangle drama bullshit + retarded characters like stingray... spitting straight facts! Oy, you bloody wanker, how dare ye? Yeah, like that Hawk guy breaking Demitri's arm and no cops involved? In a real world, he'd be joining Robby in juvi asap and the rest of Cobra Kai's would get charged with "aiding and abetting". In a show with so many fat/unfit kids that are supposed to be good at karate he was just too extra - even by the shows rules. Useless comic relief character. Thiiiick! You fucking head trauma patient who can't even recognize when a quoted joke is being used sarcastically. "Now who's the villain, Flash! Now who's the villain!" "I reject your reality and substitute my own." View all replies >