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artsy shmartsy scene transitions why? Slow Mo scenes and excessive action ruined this movie. Oh, wow! What a movie! Absolute breakout role for Nicole Brydon Bloom! Jar Jar Abraams got Chris Terrio to co-write this... The Editor of this movie should be fired...with a fucking GUN! 4th Thor movie...still no Beta Ray Bill? Episode 3 (Spoilers Duh!) Negative Speedforce? No screentime for Bruce Wayne in the series finale. OMFG another Moclan-centric episode. View all posts >


Rihanna had the best acting chops compared to main leads, LOL. And she's a singer! Even vets like Clive Owen were phoning it in for the money, it was hella obvious. Distinctly average? DISTINCTLY AVERAGE?? They completely shat their pants in the very first 30 seconds of the movie! Awful, just fucking awful! Fuck James Cameron and FUCK Tim Miller!! Casting them both in "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" was the worst decision Luc Besson could have ever made. They literally sucked the life out of it, LOL. So miscast and terrible, goddamn! Roflmao! You're a social retard. The end. Homophobia shmobophobia... Advertising sexual deviancy as the norm that has to be accepted by general populus is obvious brainwashing. What's next? Cannibalism? Would that also make me Canniphobic? Roflmao! Yup, this woke overrepresentation of LGBT in Hollywood is way too much, literally shoving their agenda down our throats. Apparently, normal people should just "accept sexual deviants and freaks" as the new norm. spoil me daddy! KONO DIO DA! Director is tone deaf? LOL View all replies >