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Jar Jar Abraams got Chris Terrio to co-write this... The Editor of this movie should be fired...with a fucking GUN! 4th Thor movie...still no Beta Ray Bill? Episode 3 (Spoilers Duh!) Negative Speedforce? No screentime for Bruce Wayne in the series finale. OMFG another Moclan-centric episode. Klingon's Hairdo season 2 Tilly's forehead mole... Is this the movie? View all posts >


She never was with him in any of those imagined situations, FYI. We don't even know if any of what was on screen was real or in his head. The fuck outta here, Jayden!!! I agree, I loved the later seasons when they stopped taking themselves too seriously. That Beebo finale was EVERYTHING! Gotta be honest with you, I didn't even notice any dwarfs at all. why black elves and black druids tho? Think he meant icy lips would hurt too? no fucking idea xD Jar Jar's The Rise of Skywalkers Ultimate Edition coming soon! care to elaborate for the slowpokes like me? I've missed a lot. Shame about that resting bitch face tho. Oh Jar Jar Abraams certainly reached her target, hence the back end View all replies >