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I miss stalking the patrons, at the front door, who were returning films in an attempt to snag a hot movie before it was returned and released to the masses. I was uber aggressive. Emma Stone is the, edgy and beautiful...triple threat! It shouldn't be a chore...just skip this one as it does not speak to you. It's my favorite film ever but I'm a fossil. Agreed. It's an important list to many of us. My Top Eleven(damn the critics): Local Hero Lawrence of Arabia Fandango Sing Street Manhattan Scott Pilgrim Whiplash When Brendan Met Trudy Shakespeare in Love The Philadelphia Story The Stuntman Paths of Glory is so compelling. You have many iconic films. Sing Street is in my Top 10. What terrific music!! Local Hero is my all time #1 film. By movie's end you feel like you have traveled to Furness, Scotland and made some new friends. View all replies >