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The scenes with Saul and Kim are becoming unbearable Can someone help me find this movie or show that I'm thinking of? This movie really surprised me My only problem... I was totally wrong about this film My thoughts after revisiting this film... Was this movie any good? Not impressed after watching it for the 2nd time... Am I the only one who thoroughly enjoyed this movie? The whole time I kept thinking... View all posts >


Lol...whatever. I'm 25. I wrote this review when I was 24. The depth of cardboard If I remember correctly, I think Ruger has upgraded to 30 round magazines for the Mini 30. Which is awesome. I'm a fan of ARs and AKs as well. But the Mini 30 is one of a kind. 90 Day Fiance Ruger Mini 30 Like what? I've seen horror films nowadays, much, much stupider. The first Hostel is a must see. The sequel was surprisingly really good though. What's so bad about his films?? Here I Go Again by Whitesnake View all replies >