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Here's my two guesses: When he showed up at the front door without his mask on. It's probably a rule to remain masked, to maintain secrecy, at all times. Secondly, he stood in a awkward placement and showed up late to the ceremony, which was also probably a dead giveaway. Road to Nowhere Such an amazing song. Seriously, I can't believe how little credit it receives. I'm okay with people who hunt for food purposes or survival. But hunting for fun, no. I'm not okay with that at all. Here's the thing about LSD. Nowadays, it's hard to say if what you're getting is real legit acid. There are so many drugs and research chemicals that can be absorbed onto a piece of paper. So that's important to keep in mind. Maybe investing in a drug testing kit would be wise before taking it. But I've dropped acid twice, and I can definitely say that it was the most intense psychedelic drug I've ever done. A very unforgettable experience. It's difficult to say what you should expect cause results may vary. All I can is that you should be mentally prepared, don't mix any drugs with it, get plenty of sleep ahead of time, eat a light non greasy meal beforehand, and having someone you can turn to in case of an emergency is also a good idea. Now I personally am not a fan of trip guides. I don't like the idea of someone dictating or influencing my experience. But that's up to you. That's some of my solid advice. Be safe, have a nice trip, and have fun. Same. I find absolutely nothing appealing about snow. It is so depressing. Haha, well thank you for the response. I really don't like winter. I'm a spring and summer person. Tubi has been saying that Bully (2001) is leaving soon for almost an entire year now. But my question would be... why?? It's a great movie. And it's not like Tubi will have anything better to replace it with. Just keep it. Loved that scene Way after Titanic View all replies >