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Meh...unsatisfying outcome and somewhat predictable Started off intriguing (confusing conclusion) Well, I watched the entire thing. Okay, I just have to say this (Thomas & Samantha's relationship) Looks great! My only concern though... One of the weirdest films in existence It kept my attention Had potential (but a ridiculous ending) My thoughts He was in an anti-smoking video... View all posts >


Okay, maybe not bitter. Indifferent. Me too. I'm glad you mentioned the acting. The performance coming from the daughter was awful. No, not at all. I thought the synopsis was rather misleading. The film focuses on voodoo, not a satanic cult. I thought The Raid 2 was better than the first. Hot af. Yes, she was very hot. Blonde too. As in for my appearance, I can't comment. But she sure seemed to like me. So that's all that matters. Lol Lonely World by Limp Bizkit Last week I was at Arby's, and this female employee kept staring and smiling at me. When she went to hand me my food, she sort of grabbed my hand in a seductive way, and gave me this suggestive look. I can't complain though. I should've asked for her number. The brother actually zoomed in on both the mom and sister's asses throughout the film. Kinda weird. lol View all replies >