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I was totally wrong about this film My thoughts after revisiting this film... Was this movie any good? Not impressed after watching it for the 2nd time... Am I the only one who thoroughly enjoyed this movie? The whole time I kept thinking... Here's what's wrong with this film What are your top 10 all-time favorite songs? What kind of surveillance set up did Benny have in his room? A pleasant surprise View all posts >


Agreed. It's an amazing underrated film. A unique insight into addiction and heartbreak. Agreed. No doubt about it. Juno had to die. Sara reached her breaking point. I've started to view it in the same way as well. "The descent" - the descent into madness But then again, that's a lot of additional details to add into a plot for just being a metaphor. Oh okay, that makes sense. The problem is, they were trying to make perfect idyllic teenagers. But the Blue Ribbons couldn't be teenagers forever. Eventually they'd reach adulthood. So that's where the mind control program ultimately failed. It didn't logically take the long-term perspective into consideration. And I understand what you mean about Steve taking Gavin's gun. But still...such a shame. And I know what you mean by the editing. The weird and abrupt cuts in the editing process is what made this seem like a made for TV movie. Responding to your first remarks, regarding Thomas Wayne and Arthur's mother. Okay, so maybe I didn't follow along with the story completely. Maybe I misunderstood some things. But that's the point. I found those portions of the story-line so dull and boring, that I didn't even care to follow along and understand. Those subplots complicated everything, and sent the story into an unnecessary my opinion. And yeah, the laugh seriously bothered me. Arthur was constantly laughing. Sure, it was consistent with his character. But it was annoying, and didn't add any depth to his character at all. At some point, I was just like..."Okay, I get it. Arthur has a laughing condition." I expected the dialogue to have a more philosophical and in depth tone to it. The dialogue is what should've added to the Joker's personality. For example, Heather Ledger's Joker character in The Dark Knight had some epic and unforgettable lines of dialogue. Like, "Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos." The dialogue in that film is what turned Ledger's simple character as a super villain, into an iconic representation of chaos and disorder. It added more depth and meaning into the Joker's character. I'm not even a fan of The Dark Knight film. But I can't deny that Ledger's performance as the Joker was unforgettable. He was so convincing. There was a line of dialogue at the end of this 2019 Joker film, when he was on the Murray Franklin show, that went something along the lines of, "They think we're just gonna sit there and take it like good little boys." I just thought that line of dialogue was so weak and cringe worthy to be honest. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the tone and build up of that scene. But the weak dialogue disappointed me. I expected Arthur / Joker's character to let out some sort of epic climatic villainous speech. But no...that didn't happen. It was ultimately unsatisfying. I didn't get that hint. I think Waltz shot him simply because he was disgusted by him. Exactly Agreed. The cast was pure perfection. To take a quote from the 1996 film Scream - "Don't you blame the movies. Movies don't create psycho killers. Movies make psycho killers more creative." Basically, I can't accept the fact that any film plays a significant role in someone carrying out an act like Columbine. I think if anyone does something like that, than that's a natural non-movie related impulse that's already within them. And by the way, if we're going to get technical and blame Natural Born Killers, than we could also blame the 1993 film Killing Zoe as well. There's a lot of elements within that film that could relate to the Columbine killers as well. And what about that scene from the Basketball Diaries? There are so many different things we could point the blame at. But it would be useless and would clarify nothing. And one thing that's never talked about is the fact that the Columbine killers took a lot of inspiration from the Oklahoma City bombing. View all replies >