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Yes, agreed on both points: 1) that you could always understand actors in old movies, all the way up til the 60s; 2) after that, something happened, as follows. The problem, , as liscatkat points out: <i>...the dialogue is poorly recorded and the music and background noise often obscure it.</i> I would add to that, the naturalistic trend in acting has actors speaking as they would in real life, often mumbling and speaking too rapidly. Fine in real life, but not always a good idea in filmmaking. I thought she did fine with what she was given. The real Oscar buzz, IMO, should be for Gary Oldman. He is one of the great character actors or our time, and he was great in this. If this were an American film. The two going back to K23 could be thought of as Adam and Eve, if you believe that fairy tale. She was pregnant, so they would colonize this new world with that baby and more of their offspring and start a new civilization. You just have to overlook the incest angle between their offspring and the inbreeding problems that would bring. Which "many" still think he did it, after Eric Rudolph confessed to planting the bomb? DiCaprio was never nominated for this movie. The only role he had was as one of the executive producers. What is the evidence, other than something that's in your head. I thought his performance was good, though sometimes over the top. He could get the sympathy vote, but then James Dean never got it for <i>East of Eden</i> or <i>Giant</i>, even though a lot of people, including me, thought he should have for Eden. It turns out, the "because you recently died" vote doesn't count for as much as great acting. I should also add: while there have been six posthumous Oscar nominations for best actor/actress, only one was awarded, that to Peter Finch in 1976 in <i>Network</i>. And then there's Heath Ledger in 2009, but that was for best <i>supporting</i> actor for <i>The Dark Knight</i>. I'll just add the old saying: "If he was on fire, I wouldn't piss on him to put it out." <blockquote>Probably not for her. Her MOS group is not high demand.</blockquote> Really? I was a medic (MOS 91D20) and I was offered a substantial re-up bonus (0ver $70,000 in today's money), because my MOS was deemed a critical one. View all replies >