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That's the point of most of the naysayers, that the studio is focusing on the sex of the cast and just making it completely opposite of the first. Take a look at alien and aliens. Ripley is a strong female lead but it feels organic. The guys from original Ghostbusters felt organic as well. The all female cast felt totally forced. Yeah that was a pretty stupid scene. Shining Star, Never Let Me Down, Nite Flights, Thru These Architect's Eyes They were in the middle of nowhere but they were being tracked for days by a villager who winded up shooting Affleck Yeah it wasn't gonna work. Also something that wouldn't work is stashing the money and coming back for it. By then it would be crawling with even more enemies. The ending implies son of anarchy guy saved the coordinates for the main actor cause he knows he'd be the one to go back. He would've shared it everybody else before they split but he only gave it to him I agree with Smc.. we know who these guys are, the farmers dont. The way they reacted tells you is not the first time. A group of warriors just don't fall out the sky. They had a right to be theatened right away Yeah I became a huge fan of his for that very movie. What a great character. Rush Pool Junkies View all replies >