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Hey Pete, I truly admire your philosophy. As the old saying goes "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" [or if they jump ship]. So true. The thing is, with internet forums there's no reward for "winning". Suppose we drive all the trolls out, or alternately suppose the trolls drive all the normal people out. It's just a corner of cyberspace, a bunch of 1s and 0s, that'll disappear the minute the site owner forgets to pay the power bill haha. That's why I don't spar with trolls. They can have their 1s and 0s and I'll take the real world ;) I'll keep your words in mind though, and if I ever do come back YOUR ASS BETTER BE HERE SO WE CAN TALK 2001 I announced it because I presented what I thought was a solution (delete or moderate the Trump board, so the trolls will wash away). Trust me, I'm not one for pointless complaining. But when you present a solution for discussion, it's not a complaint. I'll check back in a few months to see if the Trump board is still generating sitewide hate. This thread has a legitimate purpose, I'm hoping the site mods give it some thought. Like I've said over & over, moviechat has the best format and I love the fact they seeded it with all the old imdb threads. That's why I'd love to see this place fixed. That was my first impression also. I went to my favorite movie of all time and found 1 post calling it pretentious. But I dug a little deeper, and was generally impressed by the lack of outright trolls (people whose posts are more than 50% hate). I give people a free pass if they hate a movie, but to be career haters like we got here? Nah. I stand by my observation that the Trump board here is a good barometer of the kind of members you have frequenting this site every day. Like I said, click on any one of their post history and you'll see them starting fights all over this board. To quote Lethal Weapons 1, 2, 3 and 4... I'm too old for this shit. I've mentioned it a few times in this thread and even updated my OP. I don't want to seem like I'm spamming since I have no vested interest in any forum, but has impressed me so far. No political mudslinging, and people actually talk about hating movies in a respectful way. Anyone who enjoyed my presence here, that's where I'll be. Peace out. Culburn, you're a perfect example of why I (and others) am leaving. Here I start a perfectly respectful thread discussing a problem with this board, which I brought to the attention of moderators and had a nice chat with them, and you have to jump in and start throwing insults. Did I ever pick a fight with you? Why start one with me? Marbles gathered, feel free to come play at So far they're really cool, and I even met a couple moviechat refugees who left for the same reason, trolls here. The issue I have isn't with the Trump board itself but with the spillover into other movie boards. When you see trump trolls picking fights in movie forums just because they thought a movie was "liberal", or even worse, today some troll picked a random Arabic film to spew hate about Muslims, I think it's time to ride off into the sunset. I'm all for that. Political forums are a losing venture on all sides. Like arguing with a sack of potatoes. I really don't see the appeal to those who log in here every day to pick a fight. And when the political topics aren't enough they start in on movies. I'm already making myself comfy at (find me as "rooprect", same as I was on imdb). tmdb has a Trump board, but the last post was 2 months ago and nobody cared. I think that mentality carries over into the general discussion boards... so far I haven't seen any trolling. I did my standard movie forum test and posted a discussion in 2001 A Space Odyssey. No trolls whining about how it's pretentious garbage lol. So far so good ;) Hey Pete, I always like your threads. It's hard to avoid them when I see them invading movie boards, trying to stir up political fights. Since this board doesn't have too much action yet, I usually check the recent posts and see if anyone posted about a movie I like. When you realize it's just a random hate post, that kills all the fun of this place. I've been testing the waters over at - they are more movie focused - but I really like the format of moviechat better with all the old imdb threads. It's a real shame. The moviechat creators set up a great site but it's already toxic. I honestly believe deleting the Trump board will force at least half the trolls to seek their jollies elsewhere, leaving this place for movie chatters. Click on any Trump troll's post history. They go wherever they see an opportunity to hate. Seriously, isn't this a movie forum? Why does a movie forum even have a board for Trump? (and don't say to talk about The Apprentice because you know it aint so). View all replies >