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That’s it, thank you very much both of you! DoctorThirteen, I think you could be right. That gif exists elsewhere on the internet with Angie’s name attached. I can’t find anymore on it, it seems possible it could be from a programme called Rizzoli and Isles, but it’s all very vague. I’ll leave it open in case anyone knows more, but thank you very much. Puts current world events into perspective. Backing up what keybored says, you can see a clip from that scene at 3:25 here: It might be The Hidden. It has aliens taking over peoples bodies and policeman fighting them, but I’m not sure of that specific scene is in it. Paul either poisoned himself or did it with Bev’s assistance. When he’s preaching to them all about drinking the poison he talks about he he was afraid to do it but he took a leap of faith or something, so it wasn’t done without his consent. And earlier in the series there was a very ominous shot of Bev putting the poison back on the shelf, too long after the dog died for it to be related to that, but not long before Paul died. So in summary, I think he was willingly poisoned with Bev’s assistance. I wondered if it was something like that, thank you. and Unforgiven I think it's "Que idiota – coño", which means what an idiot – damn. The last word actually means female genitalia, but it's used in Spanish in the same sense English speakers would interject 'damn' into a sentence. Unless of course I'm wrong; it's hard to hear, and my Spanish is rubbish, so maybe someone else can do a better job. The Arrangement. It's not in France, it's in England. I literally just watched it, 11 years after you asked. I hope I'm not too late. View all replies >