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Like Xanadu, it's so bad it's bad. Never watched it but think it's available on-line for free. Not sure who would pay to watch it. But I've seen enough bad movies, I just didn't want to waste another 90 mins on this one. Because it's a British "comedy" why no famous names in it! No wonder it sunk without a trace. Thanks for that, I might check that film out! I remember once aged around 12, there was a bully around that age that picked on a younger kid round his house, when he had a party. The kid was 10 and his folks had a small pool in the back and we were all out there horsing around. The bully was 12 and everyone felt he ruined the party and the kid told him off and to leave. He pulled a pocket knife on the kid and wow, everyone just froze up. The 10 year old did karate and kicked the bully on the side of the head. He dropped his knife, went owwwwwwwwwwwww and fell into the pool. He couldn’t swim so the 10 year old kid had to help him out and the put all the bullies clothes in the washing. His mom came round hours later to pick the bully up, who was just in a towel, socks and slipper, shivering in the garage, where the washing machine was. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. But that is mean, Grace is hot with a capital H. It's pretty sleazy but I love it. Let this site know what you think of it, there is debate as to which of the two is a better film but they, it and The Naked Kiss, would make a great double bill to watch in a flea-pit cinema. If they even exist anymore. Shock Corridor is...ummm...bizarre too. Don't think its a proto One flew over the cuckoo's nest. This one is just weird! Putlockers have this and his other films. Try Shock Corridor first and then this one. Both have strong cult followings. Hope I haven't spoilt if by giving away too much of the plot. Both are 'B' movies though with terrible dialogue! Manos the hand of fate (1966) Apparently the worst film ever made! View all replies >