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Love your response to your kids. Excellent advice. Actually I was surprised at how well she did an American accent. Yes, the good old days when the media would report the facts not their opinions. I did too. I just watched it again last night in many years. Agreed. I found him to be a likable kid. He made several sandwiches and one was actually a grilled cheese. And yes, one was a Cubano and I agree with you, they are delicious. :) I had my first one in Puerto Rico ... it was delicious! While I agree with the other posters that it was due to peer pressure, it seemed very uncharacteristic that Jack would say that. Even before they became friends and he was giving the tour, Jack was very outspoken and put the bully in his place a few times. Kids can say stupid things …. at least they can fall back that they are only kids. Much worse when adults do it. :) it is an old movie, but Personal Best. Or the daughter may come to realize her father was corrupt and killed many innocent people and accept he got what was coming to him. I think it was a clever approach and the shows have been enjoyable. I probably watched this movie over 20 times. One of my favorite Western films with a talented cast. It must have been so cool to be part of this development. Lochlyn Munro. He was in White Chicks, A Night at the Roxbury and Scary Movie. I did not read the book, however, I saw this post that I thought you might find interesting: Although it would be far too complicated to explain every reason that Sue Monk Kidd named her book The Secret Life of Bees, these general observations will clear up a lot of confusion for those who have not read the book. At the start of each chapter, there is a quote from other books about bees which Kidd chose to personify throughout that chapter. At the start of Chapter One, there is a quote which states that if a queen is taken from her hive, there are almost immediate signs of queenlessness. This first chapter is about Lily growing up without a mother, and she certainly shows unmistakable signs of motherlessness. In Chapter Eight, the quote states that if you take a bee away from its sisters, it will not be long until it dies. This chapter discusses May (August and June's sister) and her unusual sense of other's pain. She lost her twin sister, April, and ever since, when she sees any sign of death or anger, she has wanted to curl up and die. Besides personification, the title of this book actually represents Lily, the main character. She, like the little bees, lives a secret life that others cannot understand. Her soul and spirit are her hive, and most others have no idea how intricate she is. There is no one just like her. We are all unique and we all have our own story and ways of reacting to it. Each season of life has a climax, whether we see it or not. Lily Owens is no typical one-parent child. She is irreplaceable, even if she does not understand herself. I don't think we are taking serious in the US the issue of mental health in 2019, and it was probably not addressed at all back in the 60's. I always think of One Flew Over the Cuckcoo's nest with shock treatment and lobotomy, etc. I think anti depressants just started coming out in the 60's. I am not sure what options they really had at that time. And yes I agree, she was so genuinely sweet how could you not love her. Agreed .. wish she kept producing funny comedies instead of giving her political views. funeral scene got me again when I rewatched the movie this evening. Great movie. While I grew up on horror movies, I have a harder time watching things that were based on true stories. This was what I thought too. I care. I think all students should have a fair shot to get into college based on their academic records. The people that participated in this scam should be held accountable and if any of the students did not get in based on their own skills they should be kicked out. I believe this is just the beginning.