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Gem of a Movie Still a great movie Ross on Heroin? Which Warrior would you have not sent in? Why was he so mean to Chiles? View all posts >


Love your response to your kids. Excellent advice. Actually I was surprised at how well she did an American accent. Yes, the good old days when the media would report the facts not their opinions. I did too. I just watched it again last night in many years. Agreed. I found him to be a likable kid. He made several sandwiches and one was actually a grilled cheese. And yes, one was a Cubano and I agree with you, they are delicious. :) I had my first one in Puerto Rico ... it was delicious! While I agree with the other posters that it was due to peer pressure, it seemed very uncharacteristic that Jack would say that. Even before they became friends and he was giving the tour, Jack was very outspoken and put the bully in his place a few times. Kids can say stupid things …. at least they can fall back that they are only kids. Much worse when adults do it. :) it is an old movie, but Personal Best. Or the daughter may come to realize her father was corrupt and killed many innocent people and accept he got what was coming to him. View all replies >