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An example of fridging? Why is this movie not listed as comedy? Interesting April theory by Kim Newman A few more questions Shanghai Noon, The Revenant, McCabe & Mrs. Miller Dennis vs Warren from Smokin’ Aces Taylor’s shoe ? Left handed killer plot point Moonrise Kingom or Hunt For The Wilderpeople View all posts >


The Lazarus Project (2008) ? Shock Treatment (1981) soundtrack Shock Treatment (1981) House (1977) Under the Volcano (1984) They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) 1. Ambulance (2022) 2. Crank (2006) 3. Scream 4 (2011) 4. Flatliners (1990) 5. The Thing (1982) 6. Casino Royale (2006) 7. Eraser (1996) 8. The Abyss (1989) 9. Bringing Out the Dead (1999) I only recently discovered this movie and the soundtrack is awesome. The only songs on the soundtrack I don’t care for are Thank God I’m a Man and Looking For Trade. The rest of the songs are rock solid, and they honestly don’t sound dated at all. Great stuff. I think the music for this movie trumps Rocky Horror and Phantom of the Paradise easy. On the commentary track with writer Mark Peploe it is mentioned the reason the girl is in London at that particular building because she is an architecture student and that was a modern building at the time and she was studying it. The same reason she is later at the Gaudi building in Barcelona. He mentions this as an example of the theme of coincidence in the movie. I don't believe as some of the posters here that she was Robertson's wife (look at the age difference alone) or was playing Locke or "in on it" with the weapons dealers or the police or anyone. I think she was just a student that got swept up in an adventure with Locke and was just as clueless about everything that was going on as Locke was. As far as the Mrs. Robertson / passport issue at Hotel de la Gloria in Osuna at the end of the movie that other posters have mentioned, I think the girl was just posing as Mrs. Robertson (as Wikipedia says), and not <i>actually</i> Mrs. Robertson. She could have used her ID/passport to check in but used a number of excuses as to why her last name is different such as that they had just eloped or she hasn't had her ID/passport updated since getting married, or that she decided to keep her last name in the marriage. Ultimately though, I’m not sure the passport mention was at all supposed to matter. I think the entire point of having the clerk say "Mrs. Robertson" in the script was simply for a little added suspense of not being sure who Locke was going to find in the adjacent room before he reunites with the girl. Btw, did the actress playing Rachel remind anyone else of Glenne Headly? They Might Be Giants Chappaqua (1966) reminded me a bit of Reflections of Evil. Brad Pitt, Kristen Stewart, and Paul Rudd, imo. View all replies >