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Moonrise Kingom or Hunt For The Wilderpeople Wish this was available on dvd Movies with notable scenes in a barn Movies with movie theater scenes Movies with notable swimming pool scenes Your favorite movie of last year & so far this year Very similar to the Czech movie Libanky (Honeymoon) 2013 Salvage (2006) Spoiler - ending question Similar movies? View all posts >


Mr. Brooks The runtime zoomed by for me. I thought the movie was paced very well. Lowlife has a similar vibe. Very good crime thriller. Bug Killer Joe Hurlyburly Eraserhead Messiah of Evil The Other (1972) Sexy Beast I haven’t seen The Party, but it made me think of The Anniversary Party, which has a memorable swimming pool scene involving John C. Reilly. Thanks for the replies. Cheers Straw Dogs (2011) View all replies >