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Wish this was available on dvd Movies with notable scenes in a barn Movies with movie theater scenes Movies with notable swimming pool scenes Your favorite movie of last year & so far this year Very similar to the Czech movie Libanky (Honeymoon) 2013 Salvage (2006) Spoiler - ending question Similar movies? Movies with notable dinner table scenes View all posts >


The runtime zoomed by for me. I thought the movie was paced very well. Lowlife has a similar vibe. Very good crime thriller. Bug Killer Joe Hurlyburly Eraserhead Messiah of Evil The Other (1972) Sexy Beast I haven’t seen The Party, but it made me think of The Anniversary Party, which has a memorable swimming pool scene involving John C. Reilly. Thanks for the replies. Cheers Straw Dogs (2011) fwiw, some of my favorite movie podcasts are: Quarter to Three Movie Podcast Film Junk Podcast The Projection Booth Podcast Now Playing Podcast Filmspotting The Film Stage Show Steven Benedict Podcast Wrong Reel Director's Club Movie Geeks United The Third Act Podcast The Next Picture Show For horror, Hellbent For Horror These have interesting, intelligent, and knowledgeable movie reviews and discussions. View all replies >