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Couldn't Stu just take his wine to push down the prawn that was in his throat when eating Couldn't Ali just tell the girl he thought of a potential romantic partner that he wasn't like her? Why did Richard throw Francoise to the ground like that just to talk to her? Did Marcus have a phobia of rats? Why did Richard even copy a map for those people in the first place? Why didn't Rohit's parents stop Akash from hitting their son when he tried to take Shalini away? Couldn't Neill just stand up to his father and tell him that he was hurting him emotionally? Where was Cerebro in the third instalment? Why didn't Shankar fight Brijwa in the first place? Una is Valek's bride View all posts >


Yes. Dhoom 3 released in 2013 to positive reviews and took the franchise to a more international level There was a crime committed, his father driving him to take his life Before she died one could see that she had a look of relief on her face at seeing him. I think his expression was trying to tell her 'I'm not going to hurt you' but she was killed before he could actually do anything Well it wasn't really her fault when Richard cheated on her by having sex with Sal who blackmailed him into doing it. He should have been more responsible by telling her what Sal did to him I know he takes humanoid forms of both a bat and a wolf but when he transformed Lucy into a vampire he turned into a full wolf. He never turns into a full bat, that's the difference He was forced to cheat: period. I'm sure he didn't want to for the sake of Francoise but he didn't know any other way out of what Sal coaxed him into having sex with her View all replies >