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Did Rhea find a new man in her life? Did she and Max at least rekindle their friendship? Did Sebastian become evil because Linda left him for Matt? Why didn't Sona tell the truth to Satish's wife about her crying? Did Frank really impersonate a teacher in his first year of high school? Why didn't Harker turn (into a vampire) if the Brides fed on him in parts? Neil should have gone to Mr Nolan for help regarding what his father was doing to him Why did Daniel keep insulting Stu as Mrs Doubtfire? Neil should have gone to Mr Keating to try to have a meeting with his father Why did the judge find Daniel's actions as Mrs Doubtfire cruel? Did Lola get pregnant when she got into the bathtub with Max? View all posts >


My likely guess is, given that they were not afraid to understand the circumstances of how private the beach used to be kept and why it was not anymore (thanks to Sal's willingness to nearly kill Richard which the community saw that led them to abandon her and the island), they did tell the ferry and its crew/passengers the whole story Isis is an Egyptian God who Imhotep felt defeated in the presence of. That never happened in this film Sadly the real killers have never been caught or pursued. District Attorneys in Patterson, New Jersey say to this day that they never intended to prosecute Rubin Carter or John Artis but instead should have done so to two unidentified men who walked into a bar and for no reason at all, shot innocent people fatally Della Pesca was actually based on the real investigator in the case, Vincent Desimone who actually had never met Rubin Carter before the murders and despite Carter having heard of him, they never formally met until that night in 1966 although much like the movie, they were weary and impatient with each other. Two years after Carter's conviction, investigators uncovered evidence that Desimone may have coerced Alfred Bello (the star witness of the case) into testifying against Carter (much like the film depicts) which caused Desimone to resign thinking that a murder investigation was not being handled the right way. Three years after Carter was reconvicted, Desimone died so he could not have threatened Carter's defence team or be present at the federal court hearing that freed Carter I think that might be the case. In reality, Lesra was working a summer job to provide for his family when he met the Canadians who saw his potential through his personality and his desire to join law. Upon discovering that he could not read or write they did offer to take him in after talking to his parents and his family wanted him to have a future at the same time so they gave their blessing for Lesra to go live with and be tutored by the Canadians which saw him have a bright future ahead of him and at the same time, his life changed two times, one by learning to read and write and the other getting involved in securing justice for the Hurricane Funnily before Tim Burton was involved (and immediately cast Johnny Depp to whom he is close) Keaton was the original choice for the role. Interestingly, he has been directed by Burton in the first two Batman films as the lead hero For the most part it is faithful to the book in terms of storyline and the liberties it takes to be different to the book that inspired it (as well as the original 1971 film) are minor. However a major invention that was evidently not in the book is the father of Wonka who may or may not be the triggering factor in the whole story of Wonka in terms of why Wonka is the way he is both in terms of candymaking and his seeming weariness of children until the end of the film of course where Charlie reunites him with his father resulting in Wonka overturning the decision of not allowing Charlie's family to live with him in the factory and thus the entire Wonka family comes to live in the factory He probably was devastated at his son's death but probably it was a combination of his son's loss as well as his indirect dreams of fulfilment that contributed to his devastation. It is implied shortly before Neil's suicide (after he is taken home by his father from the play and told by him that he will be enrolled in a military school once he is taken out of Welton) where for no reason at all he is unable to tell his father how he feels despite almost standing his ground, that his father did not have opportunities like he did and Mr Perry was not going to let his son waste such opportunities. This could probably mean that Mr Perry wanted to see his son live his dreams rather than Neil living his own. We cannot be obliged to live for others and others cannot be obliged to live for us and that's a fact I don't think that was dark at all. Carl could have told Frank at any time, even when they were flying about the death of Frank's father but I guess all that while he was repressing it due to the kind of reaction that Frank may have upon receiving the news which eventually happened once he told him. Carl could have also received information that Frank Sr. might have been in hospital and when he said to Frank that he could call his father (once they were there) that could have been based on whether or not Frank Sr. had made it or not I assume that they continued dating but that isn't mentioned at all. In my opinion while they did, Miranda and her family (proably even Stu) might never have returned to Bridges (Restaurant) again because it would have brought up bad memories but be that as it may, I think later on Daniel must have apologized to Stu (for insulting him as Mrs Doubtfire) and approved of him as a potential new father for the kids while he could still see them, much like it is the case with some families depending on circumstances; kids have the pleasure of both their father and stepfather at times as long as both sides approve of each other View all replies >