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SMDH I know, right? I doubt Ted Levine ever skinned a woman to make a dress either. Hollywood is such a rip off. "This is me breathing." I think it has something to do with the fact that he was drinking Pepsi. Pepsi is the choice of the melancholy. It's obvious from his soda choice that he leads a depressive, lackluster lifestyle. While pr0n may not be the answer to his ills I suppose it's what the common man reaches for when he can't have his new, hot, young, teen-aged crush. His doom was inevitable. There's a politics section for this kind of thing. They kept adding kids to display the fact that Chuck was a man of carnal needs. His appetites for worldly pleasure knew no end. But I will agree on Albert. He came off as weak and unworkable in show. The Winoka episodes were likely just a way to give the writers a new direction to work in. IMHO, the show took a steady dive after the first half of season 4. The Winoka episodes were the lead-in of season 5. After that just about every really worthwhile episode would have counted for about a season. Not to say there wasn't some good story arcs that deserved to be wrapped up, just that all of them could have been completed by the end of season 6. Half the episodes after season 4 are a total waste. I love Principal Vernon. He's a swell guy. Bender is a lying sack of shit and everybody knows it. They both suck and neither one is going to do anything good for the US. You'll realize this once you start realizing that both parties have an agenda to fuck the tax payer while making themselves rich and stripping the peasants of their rights. The things that the squabble about have little value and have been points of debate for decades. It keeps the goose steppers marching like a beat of a drum. The idea that these are the best of the best between the two Big Money Parties should tell you volumes about the DNC and GOPs plans for your future. Enjoy that boot on your neck. 1. Mad World - Tears For Fears 2. Big River - Johnny Cash 3. Bitchin' Camaro - Dead Milkmen "George" was a generic name for Pullman Porters*. I don't know if that's true of blacks in general. *Who were nearly all, if not all, black. Hitch was an ace and doing this kind of thing to manipulate people. 10. Same Thing - Flobots It's the absolute pinnacle of Schwarzenegger's career. And I'm not even joking. While I like Terminator and Conan the Barbarian, this is as good as it got for him. The other movies are nearly all worthless (Predator and Commando are ok). I think they'd be pissed about it. Especially Ray Cappo. Ray isn't down with this kind of crap. I'm pretty sure Youth of Today felt the same about it when it first came out. The riot wasn't going to bring anyone back but may have saved Sal and sons. I don't have a problem with Mookie's action of breaking the window but he does a lot of other dick moves. I agree, there is more than enough blame to go all around. Some of it isn't even racial, just people pushing each others' buttons and then playing the victim when others lash out about it. City Slickers II Maximum Overdrive As Good As It Gets It has nothing to do with empathy. The Soviets weren't going to roll up on them and play nice due to "empathy" and the kids couldn't afford to either. The bottom line is Daryl betrayed them, risking their lives and Robert knew that dragging the endgame with Daryl and further was just nonsense and putting them at risk. Robert did the right thing. Although I will say he should have backed up a bit as to not get Daryl's blood on him. I don't know about schools but work would have to be done where it benefits the invading force. And yes, quartering of troops is a real thing in invasions and even in normal circumstances in some places. He was a creep. And when he wasn't being a creep he was an uptight. The man had no chill. Did Spike Lee say this? I'd be interested if he came out with a judgement call on the movie.