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Dick Cavett's best role? What do you think Avalon Landing is about? Best line Van Doren and Stempel are both dead now. Almost a year to the day from one another. I have no blindfolds, señor. This movie rocks! The music Did Rosie O'Donnell have nude photos of Penny Marshall? RIP Wow. No posts? View all posts >


Yes it is. Thanks for the laughs. Very forward thinking of her. Not to mention the Moto68k was a 16bit processor where the Z80 an MOS6510 are both 8bit. You're the same dude who critiqued "WWE Summer Slam 92?" LOL. Heidi Sorenson is credited as "Hooker" on IMDb. This entire film was unnecessary and lame. Let's be honest, this cheapened the original film and I don't have hopes for the next one redeeming the franchise. It should have been left alone after the first film. Period. He didn't want to distance himself from Will for being crazy, he did it because Will outed him. Wow. They're really sorry they perturbed you so badly but are happy that they redeemed themselves. Tears of joy, I tell you, tears of joy. That's a good catch. I really didn't know that. I can't speak for them but I don't watch people do what I can do myself. I think these are somewhat novel events and hopefully won't become the norm anytime soon. Can you cite this? I know there are professional "esports" but I've never seen a large gathering* of people just to watch people play a game. I also know that YouTube has a number of videos about games but most are tutorial in nature. *By "arena" I'm taking it you're talking tens of thousands of people. View all replies >