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Dick Cavett's best role? What do you think Avalon Landing is about? Best line Van Doren and Stempel are both dead now. Almost a year to the day from one another. I have no blindfolds, señor. This movie rocks! The music Did Rosie O'Donnell have nude photos of Penny Marshall? RIP Wow. No posts? View all posts >


It's a fine film but it's not an Oscar level film. Not even close. The point of the movie isn't about the alien, it's about how people would react to the knowledge of an alien civilization. I think it's a pretty interesting question. Certainly more engaging than another phaser-blaster slugfest. The same way politicians still get elected after being proven scums. Some people just don't care. And in today's world we post a few memes saying we're against something then just go back to business as usual, winking at the offenses we claim offend us to the very core of our being. In a world where people were more sincere and honest we'd have massive churns of entertainers, politicians and corporations. Instead we wave our fist a few times and go right back to sleep. <blockquote>Without him its likely that the Nazis wouldnt have found Marion</blockquote> The Nazis already knew that Ravenwood had possession of the medallion. Indy made quick work of it because he knew Ravenwood and Marion's whereabouts. Would it have been difficult for them to find Marion? That's hard to say but the fact that they knew to follow Indy means that they already knew of Ravenwood's connections. I don't think it would have taken them too long to find Marion on their own and once they did they would have been freed of any real distractions. I think a lot of what is neglected here is could the Nazis (or anyone else on the planet) have used the ark? The acceptance of the power of the ark is also to accept that God is part of the equation somewhere. Would the ark perform its magic for anyone or just under God's good will to the bearer of the ark? It may be the ark was more or less useless from square one and the whole adventure was a boondoggle. But many things in life are like that. Nothing wrong with a nip of the green fairy. Yes it is. Thanks for the laughs. Very forward thinking of her. Not to mention the Moto68k was a 16bit processor where the Z80 an MOS6510 are both 8bit. You're the same dude who critiqued "WWE Summer Slam 92?" LOL. Heidi Sorenson is credited as "Hooker" on IMDb. View all replies >