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Swearing and blasphemy are worlds apart. To be honest, I'm not sure if swearing is even a sin in Christianity. It seems that swearing is a possible interpretation of Ephesians 4:29 which addresses "corrupting talk." I think that's open to interpretation. Anyway, the idea of sex out of wedlock seems to be addressed more directly as sinful. Disclaimer: I'm a non-theist. You don't know what you're talking about. It's an AK. It looks nothing like a H&K-anything. The MP5 is a 1960s model as well. People can change the way energy is made. At least here they can. Through investing and consuming from green electricity producers. They can also AS I'VE SAID BEFORE (BUT YOU CONTINUE TO IGNORE) "1. not having kids 2. stop eating meat 3. not traveling on vacations 4. moving closer to their jobs 5. moving to smaller housing." Meh. He's like a lot of minor stars, trying to grab attention and look edgy by being "controversial." It's about as edgy as an elevator muzak cover of a Lawrence Welk waltz. They should have put you in a glass jar on the mantlepiece. H.W. couldn't sign at the time of the fire either. It wasn't until he was sent away. I don't know... I think he has some level of "regret" as to his relationship with H.W. I don't think he feels that he's responsible but I still think he has some regret to it. "so does the vastest majority of the people on the planet." No. Again, you're missing the point and I can only think it's intentional at this point. "But it boils down to who's in charge making the policies, and who's in charge acts according to who's keeping them in that position." If it were such a big deal people would be changing their own policies to make a difference. They're not so they don't believe as much as they claim to believe. "If this only starts changing the way people VOTE, we'll be able to see some real change." Tell that to China. Again, if people who VOTED the way that you're thinking just took it on themselves to change what they can right now then there would be a change without a need to vote. These fools are thinking that they're just going to vote this problem away without changing their lives. This is bullshit and we both know it. In fact, voting has done damn little so far. People need to create cultures and markets by their actions, not their lip service. I'd rather see something a bit more scientific than Al Gore's thoughts on the subject. You're telling me it's too late doesn't count for much either. Are you doubting that his "demise" is part of his plan? Fool. View all replies >