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Because mafia types always need to say something witty before their victims meet their terrible ends. At least that's the way it works in every other mafia film. It's going to sound odd but I felt her role felt forced because of her accent but at the same time I felt that her accent in Gross Pointe Blank was very well done and felt natural. To the point that I was surprised to find out that she was actually British. At least I'm not calling other people mentally ill for not seeing the world like I do. Does that make it easy to live with your own opinions? Do you believe these opinions should be held up as facts? Edgy. Again, you've created a dialog within yourself. I never applied any personal values to it but you were quick to assume. You've proven my point in spades. You fail to see how advancing mathematics helps humanity? Really? I'm seriously hoping it's just short sightedness but I'm wondering if there are people out there who don't see the practical side of advanced research. I'm sure the people at Valve are really upset that you're going to reject this offering. They're probably calling an emergency meeting right now. You've created a dialog within yourself instead of trying to form a sense of empathy with Paul. I'm not saying you have to agree with it but to easily dismiss a human being in trauma as being "mindless" in their actions speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, not them. Maybe this is why film has turned to shit in recent decades. TGBU isn't a bad film but in comparison For a Few Dollars More feels less contrived and better cast. Lee Van Cleef has an insanely better role and El Indio is a better villain. The story of Douglas Mortimer is morally justified and something most people can respect. For me it's just a better vibe all around. The partnership is built on something a bit more noble. And even Manco is a bit more likable than Blondie, as a person. And nothing's wrong with epic but sometimes it seems that TGBU is trying to put 10 pounds of story into a 5 pound bag to the point that it sometimes seems disjointed and rushed. The simplicity of For a Few Dollars More gives it some breathing room that makes the pacing work better. Maybe if they would have taken a bit more time or trimmed the story in TGBU it would have worked better. A good background story on Angel Eyes wouldn't have hurt either. He's just a devil who popped up one night. TGBU could have been Apocalypse Now but feels more like Apocalypse Now Redux. Um, his backstory (no pun intended) was that he was a Marine for three years before the helicopter crash. Part of that time was spent as a platoon leader... so, yeah, I'd think of him as a soldier. It's great in that episode when the file cabinet blows up and Hawkeye sees BJ in the door window as he smirks and holds up the "one" finger. Hawkeye deserves what he got. View all replies >