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Let's just put a hypothetical out there... Dick Cavett's best role? What do you think Avalon Landing is about? Best line Van Doren and Stempel are both dead now. Almost a year to the day from one another. I have no blindfolds, señor. This movie rocks! The music Did Rosie O'Donnell have nude photos of Penny Marshall? RIP View all posts >


Dude, my coworkers are exactly who I'm saying "#@^$ those people" about. They need a day to figure it out on their own. I think it was suppose to be Brian Baker but he was on tour with Minor Threat and lost the opportunity to go into film. She's a symbol and a propagator of a movement. Acting like people should feel bad about discussing her is either misguided or an attempt at shaming people who don't agree with her. So which is it? The guns have been there forever and a day. In fact, it's actually harder to get a firearm today than anytime in the past in the US. The gun hasn't changed, the people have changed. Max Caddy isn't a serial killer. You're making a much bigger deal of it than anyone else here. Maybe you can take some of your own advice. He's tall too, probably a longer reach. Sting's (well, The Police) best selling album came out the previous year as well as 5 charting singles. Toto's largest selling album and two very well known singles came out two years before the release. I don't know where this counts as "old farts." I agree but part of me just doesn't care. SyFy edits their Zone episodes so they can get more commercials in the time slot. I avoid that channel like the lump of steaming dog shit that it is. 1. Platinum Blonde - (1931) 2. Mercury Rising (98) 3. The Iron Lady (2011) 4. The Calcium Kid (2004) 5. The Neon Demon (2016) 6. The Sting (1973) (OP ?????) 7. Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) 8. Silver Streak (1976) 9. Ulee's Gold (1997) 10. Pushing Tin (1999) 11. Carbon Copy (1981) View all replies >