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Bronson. He actually played real characters. Reynolds' roles were mostly Reynolds playing Reynolds. Another fantastic cover. Beastie Boys with Biz Markie. Benny and the Jets. I know a lot of people who like the original probably won't like it but.. meh, whatever. Eight Miles High by Husker Du is probably my favorite cover of all time. Birds of a feather... While I don't like to push it to this length, I think just about any industry that works closely with children attracts pedophiles looking for easy pray. There's also a small increase in chance of children who get abused to themselves be pedophiles in adulthood. It may well be a case of self-perpetuating abuse. In general I give it a 5/10 but as a disco-funk kind of song it gets an 8/10. It's one of the more tolerable songs of that subculture. What opioids have you had? After I had my wisdom teeth out (at the tender age of 38) I was given Vicodin (hydrocodone) and they didn't do much for me but put me in a hazy situation. Not enjoyable, more the feeling along the lines of being sleep deprived. After a couple days of that I went to OTC Aleve and it did just as much for the pain without the narcotic hangover feeling. I know a lot of people who had similar reactions to Vicodin. A few years later I got another prescription for Vicodin after having my gall bladder removed. I went straight to the Aleve and it managed the pain just fine. I never touched the Vicodins. On another sugary a year later I was given a prescription for Vicodin again and I never even bothered to have it filled. But all opioids are not created equal. Vicodin is popular because it's not very addictive even compared to Percocet (oxycodone). It would be interesting to see how many people get addicted using Vicodin as a gateway drug versus other opioids. The whole "less addictive" aspect speaks to that. Pulp Fiction was a bore. Reservoir Dogs was pretty good when I first watched it but today I don't think I'd bother to watch it again. Kill Bill has some rewatch value. Probably his best of the ones I've seen. Natural Born Killers and True Romance show that he's an average writer. I'll likely pass on Kill Bill vol 3. Finally! You just made my day. Well, at least not everything is bold now. You're moving in the right direction. Just like Doctor Leo Marvin said, "Baby Steps." Trust me, if my intentions were to troll it would be a bit more subtile. No one should be forced to ignore another. You're just a raving asshole. View all replies >