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Meh. I have better things to do with my time then to follow a program in the hopes for a payoff. I think most people on this site have been down that road before and rarely is the time put into this kind of pursuit worth it. Absolutely no one, except for you, has ever suggested that. If you get a real problem with the solutions being suggested you could make a point of it without having to resort to lying. Pop Tarts are pretty popular with the distance hikers. While they're not great for long term health they're good when it comes down to calorie density. Maybe but Snyder is a loose thread at the end, at least in relation to Lonnegan. If Snyder had any real contact with Lonnegan after he gets him out of the gambling house there could have been real trouble. Snyder knew it was a con. If Lonnegan knew and found out that Hooker was the one who conned his money runner at the beginning of the film things would have definitely have gone south. While the guys quickly disappear I'm sure that Lonnegan has some connections to be able to find those involved in the con and even find out that Hooker and Gondorf are still alive. The only way for everything to work out in the end is to make sure Snyder has no contact with Lonnegan ever again. The grifters involved would have to spend the rest of their life looking over their shoulder. Queeg and Fred Dobbs are my favorite roles of his. Rumor is that they were going to offer the role to Danny over Joe Pesci but he came up a bit short. Again, reading is fundamental. You've brought nothing to the discussion but to claim someone else is wrong. I'm simply not convinced and you certainly haven't done anything convincing. You said "And he does it only with a ball point pen or something. But at the time we all thought it was the most amazing and daring escape we'd ever seen." then turn around and act like the ability to pick one's way out of handcuffs is as trivial as I pointed out. That makes no sense. He lives next to Plum Creek. I'm sure with his knowledge of water wheels from fixing the one at the saw mill he'd be one of the first people to employ hydroelectric generators. He probably would trade electricity to the locals for new pairs of shoes and maybe even some fine flat ware for the missus. Reading is fundamental: "I didn't do it to do a body dump, no," View all replies >