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I had the same thought while watching that. Kid looked like a decent, honest guy, I don't think, that he would've let the family do their thing. It's weird the movie didn't mention that, because it's indeed a reasonable threat Either way, there is no way the actor would be found guilty, with all the DNA left in the house. It will back up his story, as also his son was a witness of the stalker. They just need to find the guy with no fingers... The movie has some strange plot holes (for example: not finding the woman in the garden?) but overall it's a real entertaining 82 minute long movie. It's just real sad, how everyone is just pointing at it and laughing, when it doesn't deserve it. I think Travolta's acting was fantastic, it also had some real tense moments (when he is in the house), also technically it was just totally solid. There are clearly tons of more movies nowadays, which should be laughed at instead of this one I didn't find any of the 2 movies scary, but the 2nd one is just mostly laughable. Basicly it's Pennywise saying to sentences before it transforms to that bad CGI version of him, with the many teeth and than it jumps into the camera. Or if it's not him, it's a bunch of real bad CGI creatures. It had a couple of jumpscares, but you could see them coming miles ahead, so even those didn't work Why? Who is it about? Mick Jagger? Same here, I think they were the funniest. They had like one short scene in this 4th part, but they didn't really do anything. Sad I'm with you. Sure, the movie had it's problems, but overall is was a totally decent film, which was worth the movie ticket. I don't get all the hate Even though I think Dafoe stood out of them, I don't doubt, that everyone had really good performances (I guess most of them weren't even real actors). Still it just truly annoys me, why they didn't bother putting in some more reasonable characters, who have actually an arguing culture or something, not just yelling and screaming. This movie had Trump activist prototypes all the way, which can't be a goal for a story like this View all replies >